Managed IT Security Services Las Vegas

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by | Mar 1, 2022 | Tech Insights

Managed IT Security Services Las Vegas By NSA

Make cybersecurity a priority in your business by equipping your team with the best security specialists in Las Vegas. Protect your digital assets from cybersecurity threats and ride the cutting edge of data security technology.

Give your Las Vegas business an edge on the hackers. Empower your team with the best cybersecurity measures and managed security services in the business. Why go around with average cybersecurity in a time when hackers and malware are a constant threat. Why not have the best that business cybersecurity has to offer?

Managed IT Security Services Las Vegas

Everything Your Business Needs for Top-of-the-Line Data Security

Cybersecurity Assessments

We will examine your business network and asset structure from top to bottom, performing penetration testing and vulnerability testing to find every possible place where hackers might try to slip in. From open settings in your software gaps to unsecured exchange servers, an expert team will have your network ready to secure.

Network Security

Secure your on-site business network and your extended virtual network with Managed IT Network Security services. Have your network configured for maximum security, authorized access control, and ongoing resource monitoring to catch digital intruders in their tracks.

Endpoint Protection

Endpoint protection secures every computer, mobile device, router, and point-of-sale system in your network. Each one is an endpoint that we will secure so your workstations are safe and cannot lead malware back to the central network.

Firewall Management

Firewall configuration and management are essential to make sure the right data gets in and the wrong programs stay out. Firewalls help block unwanted entry to your network with cutting-edge firewall software and custom configuration to exactly your cybersecurity needs.

Compliance Management

Every industry has compliance standards they must meet. If you face data security standards like PCI-DSS, HIPAA, or even GDPR, we will go above and beyond your security standards to keep you well within compliance.

Cybersecurity Training

A great security system needs a great team to operate it. We will teach your LV team to maintain high-quality security in the office and work from home with your new security system, software, and safety policies.

Microsoft 365 Security

Many businesses run on infrastructure with Microsoft 365 as the foundation. We will provide cutting-edge security support for your Microsoft business structure, tailored to the unique vulnerabilities and strengths of the Microsoft system.

Ransomware Removal

Ransomware weaves its way through your file system and can seem impossible to extract. But with expert backup and recovery services, ransomware removal is as simple as reloading from a recent save.

Security Operations Center

See everything handled live from our Security Operations Center, which provides live software-powered monitoring of your network and cybersecurity status at all times to ensure complete security and analysis of any detected risk.

What is Managed IT Security?

  • Complete Cybersecurity Assessment
  • Cutting-Edge Security Software and Configuration
  • Ongoing Network Monitoring and Breach Detection
  • Security Oversight and Timely Managed Upgrades
  • On-Call Security Team for Data Disasters

Managed IT security is when your team has all the technology you need to be locked down – except for the new and exacting cybersecurity measures and ongoing security monitoring. Let’s face it, cybersecurity today is a full-time job – for every single business. But with the IT shortage, Las Vegas businesses can’t always hire the IT security specialist they need to stay at the cutting-edge of business.

Managed IT security allows you to import the IT security specialists you need, when you need them, along with ongoing oversight of your network and digital assets. Managed IT security provides the latest in cybersecurity software, defensive techniques, and secure integration. But it’s not just a set-and-forget solution. You also gain the benefit of ongoing network monitoring – the latest and most refined way to catch malware as it lurks on your system or detect a hacker as they try to enter through an unauthorized point.

Over time, every security update and patch will be smoothly integrated for you. And if new major security developments arise in the constant battle between business IT and hacker antics, you’ll have a security team ready to tackle the upgrade project for your system’s latest security upgrades.

Finally, in the event of a data disaster, your on-call Managed IT security team will be available to quickly enact a resolution.

The Cybersecurity Landscape of Today: Cyber-Space at War

Over the last fifteen years, anyone paying attention in almost any business industry will have noticed the change; the shift from “hackers target big companies” to “hackers around every corner”. It’s not just that more kids can use computers, or that VPNs are more available. It’s also organized cyberculture vs cyberculture battleground: Business network security against the mass of phishers, vishers, whalers, whackers, ransomware-operators, malware worms, and plain old viruses.

In the casino and gaming industry, awareness of cybercrime is at a peak. Just one phone running the wrong app could put the gaming floor and cash flow at risk, so cybersecurity is no joke here in Vegas.

Today, any business, no matter how big or small could be targeted for data theft. Any business could log in one day to find themselves ransomware’d. Even big names with great resources for security measures have published breaches. So where does that leave your average Las Vegas business?

Businesses today need more cybersecurity than ever before. It’s no longer adequate to simply have your IT person configure the firewall correctly. That is where the demand and niche market grew for Managed IT Security services.

Security Attacks Your Company Will Be Prepared For

  • Ransomware
  • Phishing and Social Hacking
  • Worm Virus Intrusion
  • Unintentional Data Exposure
  • In-Transit Data Theft
  • Unauthorized Login Entry
  • Website Takeovers
  • Botnet IoT

Are you ready to face down the worst security threats that the internet has to offer? So are we! Here at Network Security Associates, we know that cybersecurity has become a top priority for Las Vegas businesses in every industry and sector. But there aren’t enough security specialists for every company to hire their own.

Our Managed IT Security services are designed to provide you with the cutting-edge, best-in-show cybersecurity that you deserve without the hassle of sourcing every piece on your own. We make it easy, concierge if you will, to achieve the highest standards of data security for your business, your data, and your esteemed clients.

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