Reliable Security Software to Keep Your Business Safe 

For any Las Vegas organization, the days of not having strong security precautions are over. From small businesses to large enterprises, hackers and cyber criminals around the world are targeting businesses like yours with malicious software and other viruses and data breach schemes.

At Network Security Associates, one of our core focuses is keeping your business safe and secure from these types of criminal activity. Our security services are second to none and will keep your business fully protected.

Endpoint Protection

Endpoints essentially include any device that connects to your Internet network. This includes hardware such as smartphones, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, printers, scanners, and other specialized devices.

Endpoint Protection

Endpoint protection is essential because it means monitoring and protecting all devices that could potentially be infiltrated by a cybersecurity threat. Many times, businesses that allow employees to use from-home devices such as mobile phones and tablets assume that these devices (endpoints) are not at risk of security breaches. The truth is that these devices are often where security breaches start for the very reason that they are left unprotected.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

A security operations center or SOC is like a remote security helpdesk for your business. When NSA offers SOC as a service, we’re offering you our team of security experts, who will be watching and monitoring your business’ IT activity at all times for any possible breach in security.

If we see a security threat, we’ll take proactive steps to either remediate the problem immediately or notify you so that you can provide us with the next steps.

Security Operations Center

Professional IT Protection From Leaders Specialized Security Software

In addition to endpoint protection and security operations center services, NSA is proud to offer a range of other security services to meet your needs. 

Contact us today to learn more about NSA’s cybersecurity services for Las Vegas businesses.