Endpoint Protection

Your Las Vegas business undoubtedly has many devices to keep protected. Learn more about how NSA can help with our comprehensive endpoint protection strategies.

Comprehensive Endpoint Protection for Your Las Vegas Business

Every business has endpoint vulnerabilities. To enhance security, these vulnerabilities must be managed, ideally with a strong security strategy that decreases the likelihood of a breach or malware and mitigates other risks as well.
Network Security Associates can help your Las Vegas business create a comprehensive endpoint protection plan to keep your business safe from such risks.

What Is Endpoint Protection?

Also called endpoint security, endpoint protection is a form of centrally managed security that helps you protect your business’ endpoints.
Endpoints are Internet-capable devices. Typically, they include PC hardware devices that operate on a TCP/IP network. An endpoint device may include desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile smartphones, workstations, servers, and other devices that can be connected to your business’s network.
What Is Endpoint Protection

How Can You Protect Your Business’ Endpoints?

At NSA, we can help you establish a strong security strategy to protect your business’ endpoints. To start with, we recommend encrypting your data, maintaining a strong and regularly updated backup of your data, and securing all of your network connections.

Moreover, you should be sure that passwords for all devices, networks, and employees are unique, not stored anywhere on-site, and changed regularly. This goes for system passwords and personal passwords.

Additionally, endpoint protection software will likely be a smart option for your business, especially if you work in the health care industry and continually handle sensitive and financial personal data from patients. Protections like firewalls and antivirus software can help you catch security breaches and technological problems before they become too big to handle.

Finally, keep in mind that the best endpoint protection will work in tandem with your other security measures — something that our IT experts at NSA can help ensure.

Mobile Protection for BYODs

Many businesses today encourage their employees to BYOD or “bring your own device.” BYOD policies have employees bringing their own digital devices from home to be used in the workplace.

This is often a useful policy because employees can then take them to and from the workplace so that they can work at home or at least be connected with workplace systems while on-the-go for easy access no matter where they are.

Unfortunately, this means that these “endpoints” (usually mobile devices like smartphones) are extremely vulnerable to security problems. They are often used in multiple places, on multiple networks, and even on public Wi-Fi. They are used for non-work purposes too, which means they are exposed to a multitude of websites. Moreover, many people may end up having access to these devices as well.

At NSA, we can help you ensure the safety and security of all your endpoint devices, including those that employees bring from home.

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The security of your company should be at the forefront of your business goals, and a large part of your security strategy should be ensuring endpoint protection.

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