Unique IT Solutions to Meet Your Specialization Needs

Network Security Associates can meet your tech specialization needs in Las Vegas. We specialize in offering IT support and solutions in several key areas and industries.

HIPAA Compliance

The main Las Vegas industry we serve at NSA is the healthcare industry, making us experts in HIPAA compliance. Allow us to help you maintain reliable HIPAA compliance and avoid harsh fines and penalties.


NSA is licensed by the Nevada Gaming Commission and has extensive experience and expertise offering IT solutions for casino and gaming establishments in Las Vegas.

Accounting Firms

Accounting firms must manage a large quantity of personal and financial data for their clients. NSA has vast experience assisting accounting firms with their IT solutions.

Cloud Solutions

Today, smart businesses host their infrastructures in the cloud. The cloud is reliable, safe and secure from cybercriminals, and extremely easy to use for both you and your employees. When you need quality cloud solutions for your Las Vegas business, NSA can help.

Specialized Security Software

Whatever your industry, you need specialized security software to safeguard your business from hackers and cybercriminal activity. NSA offers specialized security software to keep your business protected.