Las Vegas IT Services

NSA provides Las Vegas IT services and support. Our team of local IT services are here to take care of your immediate IT service needs.

by | Mar 14, 2022 | Tech Insights

Las Vegas IT Services By NSA

In Las Vegas, businesses strive to stay on the cutting edge. We are a fast-paced town with both local and tourist clientele who expect the best. The best is exactly what you’re here to offer them, which is why all Las Vegas brands need top-of-the-line Las Vegas IT services. Whether you’re a bustling tourist venue or a small local business, your IT structure should be complete, well-built, and monitored to maintain ongoing performance and security.

Where can you find the Las Vegas IT services that your business needs to thrive?

NSA, Network Security Associates, is here to provide all the IT Services that your Las Vegas business may need, from one-time assessments and consultations to outsourcing to become your partner IT department and everything in between. From Managed IT to custom security software, NSA has you covered for Las Vegas IT Services.

Las Vegas IT Services

Types of IT Services in Las Vegas

What can you expect to find when seeking IT services in Las Vegas?

Managed IT and Co-Managed IT Support

Managed IT provides a full-service outsourced IT department with expertise, oversight, and updates. Our team will provide the top-to-bottom IT services that your Las Vegas business needs. Already have IT staff who are always (or sometimes) overwhelmed? Co-Managed IT blends your team with outsourced pros to make a complete IT department for your business.

Business Cybersecurity Consulting and Managed Security

The cutting-edge of business cybersecurity is at your fingertips. Call us in for a solo consultation, a battery of penetration tests, or bring on a managed security team to watch your network resources and respond immediately to signs of unauthorized access. Cybersecurity is an essential part of your complete Las Vegas IT Services solution.

Outsourced Help Desk Services

Help desk services are often more demanding than local businesses are prepared to handle. Let us answer your phones, chats, and support request emails so your team can focus on what they do best. Help desk support is an important and noble part of providing IT services to Las Vegas

Compliance Consultation and Services

Every business has regulations they must comply with. If you handle payments, you must comply with PCI-DSS. If you handle European personal information, you are subject to GDPR. For medical information, we can help you stay compliant with the HIPAA act, and all businesses are getting on top of ADA compliance this year.

Network Security Associates Specializations

Here at Network Security Associates, we can provide a full suite of Las Vegas IT services, but we do our best work in for specialized categories. We have specialties in HIPAA compliance, cloud solutions, writing specialized security software, and working with accounting firms. If your needs fall within these specializations, then NSA is the perfect Las Vegas IT service for your business.

NSA Las Vegas Cloud Services

A big part of IT services today is our move to the cloud. New Las Vegas businesses are building their IT almost entirely through the cloud while more established businesses are booking cloud migration in waves. Once, siloed local servers and isolated networks was the way. Today, however, a cloud network is statistically more secure. Build your Las Vegas IT Services around a cloud infrastructure and cutting-edge cloud solutions.

What cloud  IT Services are available in Las Vegas? Here is the full suite of IT cloud services from the NSA team.

Cloud Servers

Cloud servers are the virtual upgrade to local servers. We will set up virtual servers that are accessible by your remote team and cloud-based software. Build new cloud servers or migrate your existing servers to the cloud.

Cloud Desktops

Cloud desktops make it easy to work from your favored workstation from any computer. We will set your team up with the stability and flexibility of a cloud desktop system.

Microsoft 365 Data Backup

Need data backup support for your Microsoft 365 infrastructure? No problem. We’re 365 pros.

Hosted Email Exchange

Secure email services from NSA Las Vegas IT Services. Keep malware and infected phishing emails out of your company inboxes.

File Collaboration

File-sharing can be extremely delicate and important inside a business. Controlled and specific authorization is key. NSA can help you build a file collaboration system that promotes efficient teamwork without accidentally revealing secure files to the wrong user.

Business Phone Systems

Does your Las Vegas business need a business phone system? Cloud phones, universal communication, and VOIP; a rose by any other name can take your calls from any device. Equip your business with advanced phone features and equip your team with the ultimate hybrid phone solution.

Cloud Backup and Recovery

Cloud backups are the key to business continuity and immunity to data disasters. Cloud backup and recovery is essential element to complete Las Vegas IT services.

Advanced Cybersecurity Services

When your Las Vegas business needs cybersecurity services, NSA is here. Network Security is our specialty, from local networks to your conglomerate cloud assets. We know that data security is paramount for modern businesses. Let us equip you with the best IT security services that Las Vegas has to offer.

Network Security Services

Upgrade your network with the latest in firewall technology, vulnerability detection, and cybersecurity procedure. We provide network security consultations, setup and upgrade services, and monitored network security.

Security Operations Center

The best-monitored security comes from our live Security Operations Center where security specialists oversee live monitored networks at all times and can respond immediately to a detected threat.

Firewall Management

Sometimes, all you need is for your firewall to be fine-tuned.  Firewall configurations must be precise in order to permit desired network activity while blocking all unknown or unwanted connections to your network.

Endpoint Protection

We will make sure each individual endpoint (computers, mobile devices, network switches, etc) are secured with the latest software, local firewall, and anti-virus protection.

Microsoft 365 Security

Secure your Microsoft installation and hybrid-cloud setup with professional Microsoft 365 Security solutions and services. Our Las Vegas IT Solutions include full coverage for Microsoft 365, including security.

Ransomware Removal

Removing ransomware is akin to removing gum from hair. It must be done precisely or cutaway. Fortunately, we’re pros at analyzing, cleansing, and restoring systems that have been infected with ransomware so your business can return to 100% efficiency ASAP.

Cybersecurity Training

Need your team to learn the ins and outs of cybersecurity best practices. We offer expert cybersecurity training for Las Vegas professional teams.

Is your business in need of professional Las Vegas IT services? NSA can provide everything you need from cloud migration to advanced cybersecurity and everything in between. Contact us today to consult on your business’ unique IT support needs. We look forward to working with you.