Get Full-Time Protection With The NSA Security Operations Center Service

How secure is your Las Vegas business’s technology?

Secure enough so that you’d know about a data breach if it happened in the middle of the night? Secure enough that you’d be aware of unusual behavior within your network before it had a chance to cause harm?

Many businesses would, unfortunately, have to answer no to these questions. That’s because too many companies and organizations assume they’re immune to cyberattacks, and as a result, they don’t plan ahead and ensure that robust security protections are in place.

If this is the case with your Las Vegas enterprise, you might consider investing in a security operations center or SOC as a service. This can help ensure cyber safety for your company while also putting your mind at ease.

What Is a Security Operations Center?

A security operations center is a central hub that monitors your business’s security posture on a regular basis, or often, around the clock. Systems and IT professionals are alerted if a breach or suspicious activity is found, and the incident is then investigated, analyzed, and taken care of, if necessary.

NSA’s SOC Services Are Second to None

At NSA, we know that a security breach can happen at any time. That’s why our SOC services monitor your networks and systems 24/7. At any time, if there’s suspicious activity, our team will know about it right away, assess the situation, and investigate — so you don’t have to.

One of the great advantages of an outsourced security operations center is that there’s no need to pay for the expensive security hardware and software required for comprehensive detection. At NSA, for example, we already have all the latest equipment necessary. Furthermore, you won’t need to staff your own tech specialists to provide the human element of threat detection. We’ve got that covered as well.

The result is a comprehensive security operations center, with state-of-the-art protection technology, at a fraction of the cost of housing your own in-house SOC.

Schedule a Complimentary Cybersecurity Assessment

Not sure if a security operations center is right for your business? Allow NSA to help you make the right decision by booking a consultation appointment with one of our top IT Security specialists.