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by | Sep 14, 2021 | Tech Insights

Network Security Services

Advancements in business technology continue to drive better productivity and efficiency levels for Las Vegas businesses. However, these same advancements have also left organizations vulnerable to network security threats.

Today, data breaches, ransomware, DoS (denial-of-service), phishing schemes, and other network security threats account for billions of dollars in company losses each year. According to the latest data breach report by IBM and the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a data breach is $4.24 million, and organizations with high compliance failures paid an average of $2.3 million more for data breaches. From these findings, it’s clear that having a robust network security strategy is crucial.

Network Security Hardening In Las Vegas

NSA’s Network Security Services In Las Vegas

At Network Security Associates, we provide comprehensive network security services in Las Vegas to businesses of all sizes, allowing them to be proactive about their network security and stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. It’s our job to protect your business, information, and sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands, and thanks to our robust, proactive approach, we can ensure your business has the highest level of network protection. Our services include:

End-User Security Training

People are often the weakest link in your company’s network security defenses, with most data breaches caused by human error. But it’s not because people are trying to be malicious. It’s either because they are careless and accidentally slip up or don’t have the required training to recognize, report, or eliminate a security threat. Malicious attackers usually try to trick employees into giving them access to your network using techniques such as phishing, social engineering, ransomware, and malware. End-user security training is a valuable way to mitigate many of the risks associated with malicious attacks.

Our security experts will train your employees to effectively identify and prevent potential security breaches, educate them on how to report red flags and who to tell about suspicious intrusions. We will train your staff on the importance of password security and show them how to set a strong password that incorporates a combination of symbols, letters, and numbers, as this is the first line of protection to protect your sensitive and valuable information from hackers. Our end-user security training also includes policies and guidelines for email, internet, and social media platforms.

Endpoint Protection

As the volume and sophistication of network security threats have steadily grown, so has the need for more advanced endpoint security solutions. NSA’s endpoint security services help uncover any potential gaps, isolated, vulnerable and neglected endpoints in your network.

We protect all your company’s endpoints (internet-capable devices), including laptops, tablets, printers, servers, smartphones, BYOD devices, desktops or workstations, POS systems, and other devices connected to your company’s network. Our endpoint services are designed to quickly detect, analyze, block, and contain attacks in progress. It gives us extended visibility into your network, allowing us to find unpatched devices, patch those devices in ways that don’t disrupt employees’ typical workflows, and troubleshoot potential vulnerabilities before hackers exploit them.

Our endpoint protection takes into account your company’s entire security infrastructure. They not only include antivirus detection but also come in the form of firewalls, anti-malware software, IDS (intrusion detection systems), data loss prevention, and sandboxing (testing devices and patches in a non-production environment).

Multi-Factor Authentication

When it comes to network security, multi-factor authentication (MFA) plays a crucial role. NSA’s multi-factor authentication services provide additional security layers protecting your network from compromised credentials and devices, and its comprehensive coverage helps you meet compliance requirements with ease.

Instead of using just passwords, which can be passed around or duplicated, our MFA services help Las Vegas businesses define who does and doesn’t have access to any sensitive or confidential data. NSA’s multi-factor authentication solution natively integrates with your applications to provide flexible, user-friendly security that’s quick to roll out and easy to manage. Our network security services in Las Vegas are designed to safeguard all users, devices, and applications — so you can stay focused on what you do best.

WiFi Security

WiFi can be a security risk for the larger internal network. Hackers can use an unsecured WiFi connection to distribute malware, infect your network, hack into sensitive information, or monitor your web traffic. At NSA, we provide WiFi security services as part of our network security services in Las Vegas.

Our team of experts integrates WiFi security with your network security, saving you time in setting up, managing, and maintaining the security of your wireless network, as well as escalating and acting upon any suspicious incidents. We’ll implement appropriate security controls, authenticate and track users and monitor the network for potential breaches.

Firewall Management

Firewalls protect your network by acting as an intermediary between your internal network and outside traffic. It monitors attempts to gain access to your operating system and blocks unwanted incoming traffic and unrecognized sources. Firewalls are required for compliance with regulations like PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR. Our firewall management services provide around-the-clock administration, monitoring, and maintenance of your firewall infrastructure, effectively securing your network.

Our team handles all aspects of your firewall, including:

  • Support – Configuration and implementation support
  • Patch management – We ensure your firewalls are always up to date and secure, managing patch roll-outs to minimize hassle and downtime
  • Monitoring – 24/7/365 health monitoring and expert response to threats
  • Troubleshooting – Resolution of connectivity issues and broken applications
  • Firewall tuning – We update firewall policies/rules as new threats are identified, ensuring that your network remains up to date and secure
  • Reporting – Weekly firewall activity reports

Vulnerability Assessments

If you’re unsure about your business’ security risk, NSA’s vulnerability assessments are a good place to start. Our network security experts will conduct a systematic review of security weaknesses in your network to better understand your vulnerabilities and the overall risk to the organization. We’ll then assign severity levels to those vulnerabilities and recommend remediation or mitigation, if and whenever needed, reducing the likelihood that bad actors will breach your systems and catch your business off guard.

Las Vegas businesses should regularly perform vulnerability assessments to ensure their networks’ security, particularly when changes are made. For example, assessments should be done when services are added, new equipment is installed, or ports are opened.

Penetration Testing

A security penetration test is controlled and managed simulation of an actual system intrusion. It gives you a realistic experience of an attempted break-in – whether from an outside intruder or from your employee or business partner. Penetration testing also helps you stay compliant with legal and regulatory requirements. For example, the ISO 27001 and PCI DSS require all managers and system owners to conduct regular penetration tests.

During NSA’s penetration testing, your network security and intrusion detection, and response capabilities are put to the test. This allows us to measure how well your company’s defense and response capabilities will stand up against attacks. Our security experts will spot any existing weaknesses in your system configurations and network infrastructure, as well as any bad practices by your staff that could lead to data breaches, malicious infiltration, or worse. We’ll use these findings to help you make informed amendments to your security controls and recommend options to plug these security gaps.

Email Security

Email gateways are the number one threat vector for a security breach. Attackers use impersonation, ransomware, and social engineering tactics to build sophisticated phishing campaigns to deceive employees and send them to sites serving up malware. That’s why you need NSA’s email security services.

Our network security services in Las Vegas can safeguard employee communication and reduce risk with targeted threat protection, data leak prevention, and enforce email security controls. Our email security services can prevent total access to sensitive email attachments on vulnerable unmanaged devices while permitting full access to secure managed devices. We can help identify suspicious user behavior, provide real-time protection, stop malware and viruses, eliminate spam and prevent domain spoofing.

Secure Your Business with NSA’s Network Security Services in Las Vegas

At Network Security Associates, our network security services cover your business with end-to-end—every layer of protection. Our network security offering is robust enough for the biggest enterprise yet affordable for the smallest of businesses. We’ll create a network security strategy that ensures that your Las Vegas business is not only protected from external threats like viruses and malware but also from internal security risks because of uninformed employees. Contact us today for more information on how our network security services in Las Vegas can secure your business. Give your business the most reliable and comprehensive protection with network security services from Network Security Associates today!