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by | Sep 23, 2021 | Tech Insights

Microsoft 365 Security In Las Vegas

While cloud computing offers numerous advantages over on-premises servers, such as unlimited storage capacity and collaboration, many companies are often hesitant to make the leap due to data security concerns. Moreover, with the stringent GDPR requirements, your company could face heavy penalties should you inadequately protect user data. More often, some organizations fear that cloud migration means sacrificing security for more flexibility or jeopardizing sensitive data for an opportunity to seize on new technologies. Contrary to such assumptions, Microsoft 365 security is continually being enhanced to ensure data security.

Besides, Microsoft 365 platform comes with a host of new tools to help you protect your sensitive data from cybersecurity threats. Network Security Associates can ensure the security of your Microsoft 365 working environments. It is our goal to ensure that your company gets the most out of the cloud by discovering ideal solutions for your unique and dynamic needs. So, here are some ways we can harden your Microsoft 365 security.

Microsoft 365 Security Microsoft 365 Hardening

Using OneDrive for File Restoration and Ransomware Protection

For many organizations, ransomware is often the most insidious cybersecurity threat. Fortunately, Office 365 security comes with unprecedented file restore tools that allow you to instantly revert back to previous, non-corrupted versions of your files whenever you experience the effects of a threat. Typically, the system instantly expunges the corrupted versions of documents and reinstates the prior, safe version. In other words, you have the immediate capability to neutralize any dangers of ransomware using OneDrive file restoration.

Recognizing Suspicious Links

Cybercriminals often use suspicious and infected links to prey on organizations. These links provide a simple gateway for threats such as malware to infiltrate your network through unsuspecting users. With Office 365 security, however, your system admins have the ability to check and vet links so that they can proactively detect if those URLs are fraudulent or dangerous.

Moreover, Office 365 Security makes it harder for threats to enter your organization’s ecosystem by flagging any questionable or suspicious links right from the outset. It’s an effective way to out-think bad actors and beat them at their own game.

Enhanced Email Control

An email forwarded to the wrong person could cause sensitive information to land in the wrong hands. Microsoft 365 Security addresses that by allowing the sender to restrict emails sent through Outlook to prevent forwarding. With enhanced encryption, email attachments will be unreadable to recipients who are not authorized to see them. Even if someone manages to download an improperly forwarded attachment, they won’t be able to open the resulting document and view what they are not authorized to see.

Additionally, Microsoft 365 security provides a host of new encryption functionalities to ensure that hackers don’t break into user emails and access valuable and sensitive files and data. No matter what level of email security the email recipient possesses, email encryption ensures that no interception or leaking occurs.

Top-Notch DLP Policy Compliance

Data loss prevention (DLP) is critical for information security, compliance, and collaboration. It could be the single most essential component of your data storage strategy, both on the cloud and on-premise. Network Security Associates recognizes that without proper DLP, your organization can jeopardize user data and the entity the data belongs to. Recently, thousands of Marine Reservists found themselves vulnerable to identity theft due to an unencrypted email that was shared improperly. The resultant data breach placed 21,000 marine reservists’ personal data at risk.

Network Security Associates can help you leverage Office 365 Security to achieve cloud platform collaborations and file restoration capabilities than you would with on-premise servers. The Office 365 platform offers a host of DLP capabilities to help improve your overall security posture and ensure compliance.

Cloud-Native Authentication

Another critical consideration with Microsoft 365 Security is the manner in which users authenticate with cloud services. Typically, Microsoft 365 relies on the user administration hosted within its sister cloud platform, Microsoft Azure. All Microsoft 365 environments enable access to Azure Active Directory. This allows users to control usernames, login security, and passwords.

If your business still runs on a traditional “on-premise” IT setup, it’s likely that your Windows Server delivers your active directory. As a result, your user authentication runs locally and not in the cloud environment. However, if you already have a hybrid environment, your IT services run both locally and in the cloud.

If that is the case, the best practice is to defer to cloud-based authentication instead of relying on your older locally based authentication to support this function. Overall, cloud-native authentication is more secure and compatible with other SSO (Single Sign-On) cloud solutions. Besides, you can run this function within a single ecosystem. Network Security Associates specializes in cloud migration and can help your organization establish a flexible hybrid environment and cloud-native authentication to harden your Microsoft 365 Security.

Best Microsoft 365 Security Best Practices To Apply

There are several “belt and braces” security measures to consider implementing within your organization, depending on how you operate. However, a number of Microsoft 365 Security components need to be enacted by cloud security experts such as Network Security Associates. Some of the best practices we recommend implementing as standard include:

•    Enforce security defaults such as multifactor authentication (MFA) among all of your users.
•    Structure your folders and files in an ordered manner within Teams Channels and SharePoint sites/libraries. You also need to associate users and access permissions appropriately.
•    Educate your employees about email phishing and ransomware attacks, particularly how to identify suspicious files and links before clicking on them.

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