Ransomware Removal In Las Vegas

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by | May 18, 2021 | Tech Insights

Ransomware Removal In Las Vegas: Network Security Associates at Your Service

Anyone who’s had experience with ransomware will know it’s one of the greatest modern threats in cybercrime. Still, those of you who’ve never experienced a ransomware attack may not know enough about it or the damage it can do.

In our recent Network Security Associates video on YouTube, we described just how much of a threat ransomware is on a surprising scale. What you’ll learn is sure to be eye-opening.

Fortunately, we can help remove ransomware from your Las Vegas-based business system if you ever do become infected.

What is Ransomware?

The reason ransomware is one of the most dangerous of viruses is it prevents you from accessing your computer systems. One of the most common ransomware attacks is when someone hijacks your entire network and forces you to pay a ransom to get your system restored.

Don’t think something like this only happens to bigger companies. Sure, big companies have experienced substantial ransomware attacks in recent years. It can also easily happen to other types of businesses.

Much of these attacks occur the same way: Spam or phishing emails. Nowadays, it’s far too easy to get fooled by an email looking legit.

In the world of Las Vegas, many common industries here ranging from healthcare, the casino industry, to accounting firms continue dealing with ransomware. Just how costly is it? Our video showcased how much money you could lose.

The Debates Over the Cost of a Ransomware Attack

As Mike from NSA points out in our recent YouTube video, debate still exists over how much money a business could lose being infected with ransomware. A basic Google search is going to give you a shocking result.

What you’ll discover is that ransomware is not something infecting only major corporations. It’s a virus affecting businesses of all sizes, including mid-sized to small. Ransomware doesn’t care if you’re a million-dollar business, a global corporation, a healthcare organization, a school, or a government office.

Everyone is vulnerable to ransomware due to its insidious ways of infecting every computer system. While phishing emails are not the only method of getting ransomware, once you do get infected, you need expert removal.

Take some immediate tactics first to prevent being a victim of ransomware in the first place.

Things You Can Do to Prepare for Ransomware

Awareness about ransomware is still far too low by the average business employee. To get prepared to deal with ransomware, the first thing you need to do is get your employees educated on what ransomware does.

You should also invest in effective cybersecurity tools that can help prevent ransomware from infecting your network. Many great tools are out there, though it does require work in finding what best fits your business structure.

Next, you need to come up with a business continuity plan. These plans are an outline of what your business will do if a ransomware attack shuts down your entire system. Where would you go to keep things going? Do you have backup technology or locations to go to?

Then focus on hiring an outsourced IT company to keep things managed. Doing this is going to mean a dedicated team watching out for threats like ransomware 24/7. These outsourced companies can also help you with many other IT challenges facing the business world today. As we all know, cyber threats are extensive now, with ransomware only part of a long list.

Ransomware Can Take Down Your Business in One Click

The scary thing is many businesses here in Las Vegas still get complacent about ransomware. All it takes is an employee working in your business to click one faux link in an email to bring down your entire business.

We know it’s easy to get fooled in those phishing emails. Most creators of ransomware make emails look so convincing, many employees continually get taken when clicking on links.

Malicious websites can also bring ransomware infections. This might sound like walking on a landmine if your employees have to visit websites every day as part of their jobs.

Remote desktop protocols (or RDP) are only second to phishing emails for being one of the most common places to catch ransomware in just one mere click.

How Can You Get Ransomware Removed?

Even if you think you can take care of removing ransomware on your own, don’t try it. You need someone with real experience in ransomware removal to make sure it’s done right to avoid further costly damage.

Maybe you’re able to keep your business going in another location, but what about the location initially brought down? You need to take action fast since the ransomware hacker will likely keep hijacking your system until you pay them money.

It’s also worth noting you should never pay the ransom to get your files back. You’re only going to lose money and probably not get your system back into operation anyway.

A good outsourced IT management team is what you need to help you through something like this. When you have one already in place, they have security safeguards underway to weed out any potential of getting ransomware in the blink of an eye.

Network Security Associates Can Remove and Prevent Ransomware

NSA has become a leading IT management firm in Las Vegas, working with the greater business community for over 18 years. Only our team has the longtime experience to handle ransomware appropriately so you can get back to normal.

Our IT services are comprehensive and encompass security, managed IT services, cloud services, HIPAA compliance, casino & gaming services, and business telephone services.

It’s our attention to IT security that’s so important, especially for those of you in the casino industry. You never want your casino business shut down for any length of time when tourists expect you to be operable at all times.

Ransomware continues plaguing the casino industry, however, making an experienced IT team in your corner all the more invaluable.

Contact us to learn more about the IT services we offer. We’re there for you so you never experience the nightmare of ransomware again. And check out our recurring YouTube videos as we take on a new IT topic each week.