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NSA’s core goal is providing your Las Vegas organization with top-level technology services — no matter when you need them. From total management of your cybersecurity to cloud technologies and compliance control, our services meet your needs…

Windows 7 End of Life & What it Means For Me

Windows 7 and Server 2008 end of life means that Microsoft will no longer improve the product, accept warranty claims, or provide non-security hotfixes. This is known as mainstream support. It will continue to offer bug fixes and security updates through January 14, 2020.     What To Do Before the

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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Best Practices and Proper IT Services

With smart devices surging in popularity, it’s inevitable your employees may want to use their own mobile phones for work-related tasks. Allowing them to do so has multiple benefits, but there are also a few risks your company should acknowledge and have proper IT services in place to safeguard against.

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NSA Welcomes Jeff Wagner

Network Security Associates welcomes Jeff Wagner as a Senior Solutions Consultant. “With more than 10 years of Technology & Information Security experience, we know that Jeff’s skills will add value to the already experienced team here at NSA.  “I surveyed the MSP (Managed Service Provider) landscape in looking to continue

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5 Password Best Practices for Maximum Network Security

It seems like password requirements are constantly changing, requiring more unique characters and distinct combinations. Your password is an important part of your network security. When creating a password, follow these best practices to keep your data secure. 1. Steer Clear of Personal Details You might think you are safe using personal details in your

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Network Security Solutions: Developing a Disaster Recovery Plan – Pt. 1

An efficient disaster recovery plan is an essential component of any business’s operations. Not only does it protect your company against man-made and natural disasters, but it also bolsters confidence among your shareholders that your business is adequately prepared for the unexpected.  A weak, ineffectual recovery plan makes it difficult for

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Give Yourself A Valentine At Work

Remember back in grade school, the excitement of giving and receiving valentines from classmates? Bright red paper cards with Peanuts, Scooby Doo, and Bugs Bunny on them and hoping for Hershey’s Kiss from that special someone you had a crush on? Well, now that we are adults, Valentine’s Day may

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Think your password is secure? Think again

A password policy designed for federal agencies must be secure, right? Surprisingly, that hasn’t been the case, according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The NIST created many of the password best practices you probably loathe — the combination of letters, numbers, and special characters — but

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Productivity-boosting tips for PC users

We all want to become more productive. Business gurus always emphasize the importance of time management and taking breaks to avoid burnout. But aside from motivating yourself to work more efficiently, there are plenty of tools that increase your daily output. If you use a computer all day, check out

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