How Can Microsoft 365 Improve Healthcare Services In Las Vegas

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by | Aug 14, 2021 | Tech Insights

Microsoft 365 And Healthcare In Las Vegas

Healthcare management values reliable, secure and efficient communication. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve this, since healthcare professionals communicate critical information with each other within and outside the facility. And with an increase in privacy concerns associated with emailing and messaging apps, organizations require highly secure tools to facilitate communication and other operations within the facility.

Microsoft 365 offers a balance between accessibility, security, and effective communication across different organizations, and the healthcare sector is no different. As a subscription-based service, Microsoft 365 features a range of productivity tools crucial for streamlining operations, especially in high-risk and sensitive industries, in this case, healthcare. But how exactly can Microsoft 365 improve healthcare services in Las Vegas? Read on to find out.

What Is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a subscription and cloud-based service that offers Microsoft Office applications, including Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel, and Outlook, but with additional features such as Microsoft Editor. Formerly referred to as Office 365, subscribing to a Microsoft 365 plan gives users access to all Microsoft Office applications, Skype minutes for calling, 1TB OneDrive storage space, and more.

All Microsoft 365 applications and services can be retrieved using any OS: Microsoft’s Windows PCs, iPad, Macs, Linux, and all platforms supported by Microsoft. Besides, the software accompanies several features with additional solutions ideal for handling healthcare services more efficiently.

How Microsoft 365 Improves Healthcare Services In Las Vegas

Since Microsoft 365 is an automated service designed for different industries, including the healthcare sector, the software helps improve patient care and lower operational costs and the software has numerous benefits. With that, here is how Microsoft 365 can improve healthcare services in Las Vegas.

Ensures Healthcare Security and HIPAA Compliance

Because medical data is highly vulnerable, personal, and sensitive, sharing it between healthcare providers can be problematic and risky. Besides, patients often need their information to be kept confidential. For this reason, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was imposed as a federal law in 1996 to regulate and protect the confidentiality of patient information. If a healthcare facility violates HIPAA, they are subjected to a fine of between $100 and $50,000.

And with the introduction of cloud-based solutions, cases of physical theft of patient files have significantly decreased. Hence, patient information stored on the cloud remains secure and inaccessible by unauthorized personnel, ensuring HIPAA compliance. Generally, Microsoft 365 handles the need for healthcare providers to keep their systems secure and comply with HIPPA standards.

Once you set up a new system and activate a Business Associated Agreement (BAA), configuring Microsoft 365 enables you to secure all the data more effectively. That is, it allows you to meet HIPAA compliance needs by safely moving sensitive patient information such as names, documents, and addresses in and out of the organization while complying with local, state, and federal regulations.

Microsoft offers a user guide that allows healthcare providers to use Microsoft 365 and comply with HIPAA regulations. Here is a brief step-by-step process of incorporating HIPAA-related policies using Microsoft 365.

  • Start Microsoft 365
  • Navigate to the Exchange Admin Center
  • Tap on Compliance Management
  • Choose Data Loss Prevention
  •  Select the “+” sign
  • Click on New DLP Policy from Template
  • Select “U.S. Health Insurance Act (HIPAA)”

Besides, you can enhance your patient’s data security with Microsoft 365 using Microsoft’s Exchange Online Protection (EOP), a cloud-based email filtering feature, to protect against messaging policy violations. Microsoft 365 is compliant with HIPAA, EU Model Clauses, and ISO 27001.

Promotes Valuable Communication

Communication is key in any healthcare facility as it provides timely solutions for patients. Microsoft 365 includes features such as Teams that enable staff members to communicate more effectively and readily. Because of this, organizations can improve and streamline their services strategically, especially healthcare service providers that operate in multiple locations. The software also promotes seamless communication between team members, medical practitioners, and off-site specialists.

With Microsoft 365, healthcare facilities don’t need to host face-to-face meetings, as all communications are conducted via the software. Skype facilitates communication, and it is user-friendly, enabling doctors to video call during meetings or use instant messaging (IM) for quick communication. Other features users can access include HD videoconferencing, enterprise social networking, and a calendar.

Offers an Agile Cloud-Based Solution

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based service, meaning users can access their files on the cloud from anywhere, given they are connected to the internet. Besides, the data can be shared and accessed with any device by individuals with designated permissions, depending on data sensitivity and user seniority. In healthcare, Microsoft 365 allows doctors and the entire organization to retrieve patient information stored on the cloud quickly and securely.

This is an effective way that enables healthcare facilities to share information beyond the organization without risks associated with privacy and data safety. Microsoft 365 also allows users to work offline and sync information once connected to the cloud. In addition, cloud-based data storage is far more secure than physical or on-premises storage, promoting HIPAA compliance.

Regarding cyber threats and potential data losses, storing patient data on the cloud lowers cases of cyberattacks because it is only accessed by authorized personnel. Besides, the information is stored in servers away from the facility, hence helping minimize cases of data loss. Software updates on the cloud are also automated, preventing the need to manually update your in-house IT infrastructure.

Microsoft 365 Is Cost-Effective and Time-Saving

Healthcare providers face numerous challenges when it comes to handling and management of patient data. For instance, sharing test results with other relevant caregivers can be tedious and time-consuming when dealing with physical systems. Suppose you need to book and supervise appointments with your patients and other caregivers. Communicating through phone calls and emails requires a lot of resources and time.

Microsoft 365 simplifies all these scenarios by offering practical and seamless ways of completing processes at reduced costs. The software also saves time by improving processes’ time limits. Here are some ways Microsoft 365 lowers costs in your healthcare facility:

  • Since it is a cloud-based service, Microsoft 365 eliminates the need to acquire internal servers and licenses.
  • All the data is saved and executed on the cloud, reducing the hassle of purchasing disk storage.
  • Microsoft 365 helps reduce utility costs related to heating and cooling servers on-premises.
  • It cuts down costs of investing in cybersecurity protocols such as firewalls and antivirus software.

Embrace the Future With Microsoft 365

With more and more healthcare providers adopting new technologies, Microsoft 365 emerges as the best choice for organizations to manage their data more effectively. And with the healthcare sector being sensitive, it requires secure communication channels and confidentiality of patient information. Microsoft 365 helps achieve these needs, including compliance with HIPAA.

At Network Security Associates, we can help your Las Vegas healthcare facility integrate Microsoft 365 and enjoy these benefits. Schedule a free consultation with us or contact us to learn more today!