4 Ways to Bolster Your Network Security for HIPAA

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets forth standards to govern the handling of sensitive patient information. These standards apply to hospitals, medical offices and companies that handle insurance and billing. For businesses that must meet HIPAA standards, the ultimate goal is to protect sensitive patient information. To do this, your organization must implement

The Importance of Proper Server Maintenance and Managed IT Solutions

Your servers are the foundation of your computer network. To keep these systems performing optimally, it’s important to have sufficient managed IT solutions in place to prevent security breaches and data loss.  Server Maintenance Proper server maintenance keeps your organization operating efficiently and can help prevent unexpected downtime. Your server maintenance should include the following tasks:

Mitigating Insider Threats With Proper Healthcare IT Security

Though you may associate healthcare data breaches with hackers or digital thieves halfway across the globe, an astonishing amount of breaches are by individuals within the organizations. These threats are known as insider threats; research states approximately 58 percent of healthcare breaches are by insiders. Any individual who has access to your company’s databases and programs, like