Managed IT Services

Network Security Associates provides an extensive array of managed IT services in Las Vegas, as well as information technology consulting services, which run the gamut to include: a 24/7 help desk, including weekends and holidays, to answer questions and resolve problems; a 24/7 remote support center to handle remote client requests; a network operations center, which functions as an “early warning system” that detects trouble with applications, firewalls, routers, servers, and switches; and emergency on-site response, just in case problems cannot be resolved from a distance.

Wireless Network Security Management

Wireless networks are a core component of almost every organization and business, but protecting them is an enormous task. A single breach could result in devastating financial, legal and PR consequences. At Network Security Associates, we provide state-of-the-art wireless network security management, along with many other managed IT services.

Comprehensive Wireless Network Management

Our wireless network management services are truly comprehensive. They typically being with identifying and closing existing security gaps, and/or setting up a completely new wireless network. Once our certified professionals have finished setting up a network, we install a host of security measures:

  • Automated software defenses
  • Forensic analysis of security events
  • Continual updating of firmware and software
  • Monitoring of all security elements around-the-clock
  • Case management for potential events

Should there ever be a threat, we also provide a 2-hour emergency response time, regardless of the hour.

Secure Your Organization’s Wireless Network

Make sure your organization’s wireless network is secure – and bring it into compliance with any regulations your organization is required to follow. Our wireless network management is PCI and DSS compliant, and can meet almost any other civilian regulation. Contact us today to learn more about our wireless network management and managed IT services.

Firewall and VPN Management

Many organizations and businesses recognize that their security can no longer be left on autopilot. Few organizations, however, have the time and/or expertise to provision, deploy, upgrade, and patch security devices in an efficient manner. At Network Security Associates, our comprehensive managed IT services include security device management for firewalls and VPNs.

Complete Firewall and VPN Management

We specialize in providing complete management services for firewalls and VPNs. This includes:

  • Firewall and VPN administration
  • Log monitoring
  • Response to security events
  • Device health checks

All of these services are offered quickly and consistently. We monitor our clients’ devices around-the-clock, and we respond to emergencies within 2 hours.

Shift Your Security Device Management

If your organization or business is devoting too much time and labor to firewall and VPN management, shift the responsibility to us at Network Security Associates. In doing so, your business will:

  • Attain a higher level of security readiness
  • Spend less time and money on device management
  • Reduce the time required to achieve regulation compliance
  • Be free to focus on priorities directly related to the organization

Our team of certified professionals has managed countless firewalls and VPNs, and they’re ready to manage yours. Call 702-547-9800 for more information on Network Security Associates’ managed IT services.

Server & Desktop Computer Management

Maintaining a multitude of desktop computers and servers is resource-intensive and beyond what most organizations and businesses in Las Vegas are equipped to handle. At Network Security Associates, our managed IT services include desktop computer and server management.

Managed by Certified Professionals

We offer desktop computer and server management for a range of devices and operating systems. All of our work is done by the most highly trained professionals and is done at a fixed cost, so your monthly invoices don’t fluctuate. Many of our team members have top industry certifications, including:

  • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

Unload Your Organization’s Management Needs

If your organization or business is being held back because too many resources are devoted to the management of desktop computers and servers, contact us to learn more about our managed IT services. We monitor computers and servers for countless clients and our certified team members are ready to take care of you.

Multi-Server Network Management

Many organizations and businesses need the computing power that multi-server networks provide but don’t have the resources to maintain these networks without assistance. At Network Security Associates, multi-server network management is one of the main managed IT services we offer.

Complete Multi-Server Network Management

We provide a complete array of multi-server network management services, which includes:

  • Provisioning, securing and inventorying network equipment
  • Updating drivers and software programs
  • Managing network licenses
  • Assisting remotely and on-site
  • Performing preventative maintenance
  • Responding to all emergencies within 2 hours (no matter the time of day/night)

Keep Your Organization’s Multi-Server Network Running

In short, we’ll do everything necessary to set up and maintain your organization’s wireless network. Regardless of whether the network is a basic LAN or a robust hybrid, we’re able to keep it running and secure. Call 702-547-9800 to find out what our managed IT services have done for other Las Vegas organizations, and how they can do the same for you.

Fast Disaster

When a disaster strikes, organizations and businesses need to recover fast. At Network Security Associates, we’re here to help clients resume operations as quickly as possible after a disaster.

Fast Disaster Recovery for Las Vegas

We specialize in providing speedy disaster recovery services for organizations and businesses in Las Vegas. Being a leading local managed IT services provider, we’re able to help clients resume operations faster than non-local providers.

Should data be lost, it’s easily accessible through our two-pronged backup. Files are safely stored on our servers, while being easily accessible through the cloud. Search capabilities make finding the most pertinent data first easy.

If a disaster requires further assistance, our team of certified professionals is always ready to respond. Whether configuring hardware, setting up a remote solution or implementing another stopgap, we’ll respond to any emergency within two hours regardless of the time.

Prepare for Disaster Before It Strikes

Make sure your business has systems and processes in place in case of a disaster. Contact us to discuss how our managed IT services can assist with your disaster recovery strategy.

Data Backup Management

Few organizations and businesses in Las Vegas are prepared to continually backup their data. At Network Security Associates, data backup management is a core component of our managed IT services.

Reliable and Secure Data Backup

All of our data backup solutions are managed to the highest standards. Data is constantly backed up so there aren’t any gaps, and all data is stored on secure servers at two separate locations. Not only is data protected against virtual threats, but it’s also safeguarded against physical ones (e.g. fires and floods).

Scalable Data Backup Solutions

Our data backup solutions are also easy to customize and use. We can back up any amount of data and the amount can be adjusted as your business grows. We’re also able to set up syncing and cloud access. Once these systems are implemented, the process of duplicating data is fully automated. Our certified professionals take care of everything.

Back Up Your Organization’s Data

To make sure your business’s data is readily available whenever it is needed, contact us at 702-547-9800 to learn more about data backup management and various other managed IT services.