Supporting Internal IT Departments & Professionals

Is the internal IT team at your Las Vegas business bogged down and overworked? You may benefit from supplemental ITservices from Network Security Associates.

Supplemental IT Management for Added Support and a Security

With Network Security Associates’ supplemental IT services, we’ll assist your in-house IT department in whatever capacity best benefits your business needs. You tell us what you’re looking for in co-managed IT services, and we’ll be there to help drive your business forward with our own experienced and time-tested services.

What Are Supplemental IT Services?

What Are Supplemental IT Services

Often referred to as co-managed IT services or outsourced IT services, supplemental IT services are meant to compliment your current IT department’s responsibilities. We can assist as much or as little as you need, with whatever IT services will best serve you.

Perhaps your internal IT department has a long backlog of unresolved tech issues or needs assistance with a specific project, such as the migration of your data from an on-premise storage system to a cloud-based storage system. Alternatively, many Las Vegas IT departments are simply looking for help with tier 1 or tier 2 services as this takes most of their time.

Occasionally, a business has only one person in their IT department. In this case, we understand that there’s often not enough time in the day to manage an entire company’s IT department alone. NSA supplemental IT services can help by filling in when you need us or when your IT specialist is sick or goes on vacation.

Customized IT Management Services to Supplement Your IT Department

The wonderful thing about supplemental IT service assistance is that it’s you and your IT team who will decide what additional services we provide you with.

Our goal is to help your company feel the least amount of strain while ensuring adequate IT service for employees and patrons as well as strong cybersecurity protection.

From added security management and backup services to assistance with compliance maintenance and cloud technology management, allow NSA to create a tailor-made services plan that supplements your existing IT.

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Could your internal IT team benefit from outsourced assistance? NSA is here to serve your needs.