Outsourced Help Desk

Does your company’s IT department have too much to do? Consider getting additional assistance with an outsourced help desk, available from Network Security Associates.

Dependable Outsourced Help Desk Support

Is your Las Vegas company’s IT department inundated with tech support tickets and other obligations they can’t fulfill?

When this happens, outsourced help desk services can help take the weight off your in-house IT department. At Network Security Associates, our outsourced help desk can supplement your in-house IT and lighten their load. By taking on your tier 1 and 2 support requests, you can focus more on what matters: Growing your business!

Dependable Outsourced Help Desk Support
Dependable Outsourced Help Desk Support
Dependable Outsourced Help Desk Support

What Is an Outsourced Help Desk?

What Is an Outsourced Help Desk

Often, IT departments are overwhelmed with tasks that never seem to cease — things like answering phone calls and emails, addressing support tickets, and carrying out another commonplace tier 1 and tier 2 tasks.

Similarly, in-house IT staff often faces the stress of keeping up with hardware and software updates and maintenance, cybersecurity, and other employee and interdepartmental needs.

This is where an outsourced help desk can help. Help desks provide useful tech assistance at a reduced price and with flexible hours. Most importantly, however, they can take a huge stress burden off your IT department by carrying some of the heavy workloads.

When HIPAA is violated — even in the smallest way — serious penalties will ensue.

What Do You Get With Outsourced Help Desk Services?

Network Security Associates provides access to a skilled and experienced, U.S.-based help desk staff.

Depending on what sort of supplemental assistance you require at your Las Vegas company, we can provide 24/7 coverage and real-time monitoring of your business’s technology. Simply speak to us directly to find out what specific IT services we can help you with.

What Are the Benefits of an Outsourced Help Desk?

There are several key benefits to hiring an outsourced help desk from a company like Network Security Associates:

A security breach such as having ransomware maliciously installed on your office computers can have serious ramifications and be extremely costly. If your organization is in the healthcare sector, the effects are especially profound as you may be putting the sensitive personal data of patients at risk. This will not only cause serious damage to your reputation, but you may also incur harsh penalties for violating HIPAA.

Lowered Costs

Lowered Costs: Our help desks operate remotely, which means we can charge less for services than it would cost you to hire new employees.

Fast Response Times

Fast Response Times: We want your customers to know that they’re being listened to, which is why we always respond promptly to your business inquiries.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Improved Customer Satisfaction: Your fellow co-workers, customers, and/or clients will be especially pleased with your company’s ability to provide super-quick service.

Learn How Outsourcing Your IT Help Desk Can Increase Business Efficiencies.

Do you think outsourcing your IT help desk could improve your workflow and help your business become more efficient and productive? If so, Network Security Associates is here to help.
Give us a call at (702) 547-9800 today, or speak with our online chat team to learn more about the outsourced help desk services we have available.