IT Services For Pediatric Medical Centers

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by | Jan 23, 2022 | Tech Insights

IT Services For Pediatric Medical Centers

IT services can be described as outsourcing some or all your IT operations to outside experts rather than managing the entire information technology operations in-house. Outsourcing IT services can be very transformative for pediatric medical centers as it eliminates the need to hire IT employees and it ensures data privacy without having expertise in the IT domain. Tech firms like Network Security Associates can be your reliable IT partner and unburden your pediatric medical center’s IT responsibilities including network monitoring, technical support, patient data storage, business telephone services, and much more.

While technology has certainly improved healthcare processes and the level of care patients receive within a medical environment, there is also a connected level of upkeep regarding internal functions and IT infrastructure to ensure the necessary levels of support are being met for uninterrupted service. At NSA, we understand the role technology plays in a pediatric medical center’s operations.

Managed IT services and cloud backup solutions empower your team to focus on your pediatric patients’ needs without needing to worry about your IT infrastructure running smoothly. We understand that your patients and staff are of the utmost importance, as well as the privacy of their data. NSA equips you with reliable, data-secure services so that you’ll never have to worry about compliance with industry policies.

IT Services For Pediatric Medical Centers

Customized IT Services for Pediatric Medical Centers

NSA understands how crucial pediatric medical centers are in the medical domain. We also know the added challenges that pediatric medical centers face. We realize how IT issues can prevent doctors and other medical professionals from performing their duties. We’ve also seen how insufficient IT systems can contribute to substandard service.

Our tailor-made pediatric medical center IT services can address a range of IT issues. From system stabilization and the elimination of persistent IT issues to patient data protection and network optimization, our IT services for pediatric medical centers combine decades of IT knowledge and expertise to provide comprehensive IT services and support.

IT Services for pediatric medical centers are no longer an added bonus. Today, IT services are vital to pediatric medical centers looking to leverage technology in the following areas:

  • Providing essential pediatric medical services at a high level
  • Safely storing and sharing confidential and sensitive patient data
  • Ensuring medical center compliance consistency
  • Streamlining service delivery
  • Enhancing pediatric patient outcomes

Why Pediatric Medical Centers Need IT Services

Pediatric medical centers rely on a variety of technical IT solutions to run efficient and smooth day-to-day operations. Not every medical center can lean on the services of in-house IT technicians, thus any technology-related problem will require external IT services, or the medical center will experience periods of downtime.

Medical Centers Are Often at Risk of Being Vulnerable to Cyber Threats

The medical industry is often viewed as one of the easiest targets for security breaches, data theft, and ransomware attacks. Sensitive patient data is highly valuable and data breaches can be highly damaging to any pediatric medical center. Outsourcing the protection of patient data and allowing the experts to handle these situations can ensure security from the sophisticated tactics of bad actors. Network Security Associates can improve security, service scalability, and reliability. We can also identify the threats at an early stage, avoid mishaps, and implement the best measures to help your medical center overcome such threats.

Pediatric Medical Centers Need Tailor-Made IT Services

NSA will ensure your pediatric medical center maintains adequate online data communication for day-to-day operations. We can also incorporate the key IT services for pediatric medical centers that do not have the proper management tools for their IT services. NSA will also assist and advise pediatric medical centers on IT challenges like integrating new IT systems, managing electronic health records, and migrating to the cloud.

Cloud services allow for secure sharing of sensitive patient data along with clearing the way for seamless backup and disaster recovery. We offer layered threat protection and comprehensive data backup and recovery solutions that will ensure your data is safe and available whenever you need it. We also offer advanced cloud storage solutions to ensure that you are always following best practices that are related to your IT procedures.

NSA provides the Trinity Cloud Desktop for pediatric medical centers. Through the use of the Trinity Cloud Desktop, we are able to work with you to protect your patient data in the cloud while ensuring you can access it easily.

Pediatric Medical Centers Need 24/7/365 Monitoring and Support

For most pediatric medical centers, relying on in-house IT technicians is not always the most effective approach because there is no guarantee this approach will support today’s technological needs. Also, if a medical center experiences a ransomware attack after-hours, someone will need to be there to support the medical center’s needs. Healthcare leaders need IT services that are around the clock to monitor and support their sensitive IT infrastructure.

Can IT Services from NSA Ensure That My Pediatric Medical Center Meets Compliance Requirements?

Compliance in the medical domain refers to adhering to a specific set of requirements. These guidelines are in place to ensure that healthcare professionals are committed to meeting ethical and legal patient care standards. Guidelines, such as HIPAA and PCI, are put in place to protect sensitive patient data. Healthcare providers who adopt these standards demonstrate that they are committed to maintaining their patient’s trust and safety.

NSA deeply understands HIPAA requirements and the serious responsibilities that come with overseeing hardware and applications that interact and store sensitive patient data. We are well-versed in providing pediatric medical centers with the assistance that is needed to successfully complete their HIPAA security assessments.

Partnering with a Medical-Focused IT Provider

The IT, technology, and data security requirements of pediatric medical centers are not the same as other types of organizations. From specialized services to labs, imaging devices, and medical equipment to patient data – it’s essential to partner with an IT provider that specializes in medical-related IT services:

  • Do you have IT issues that your in-house IT team has been unable to resolve?
  • Do your healthcare providers and staff run into issues using your EHR software?
  • Do you have to reach out to multiple vendors just to have one IT issue resolved?
  • Do your current vendors have trouble grasping the content of your medical center’s unique needs?

Have you experienced issues where you were not sure if the problem was your software, your network connection, or certain devices? NSA takes a “hands-on” approach to IT services and any issues that cannot be resolved without continuous attention to IT infrastructure and its components (internet connectivity, hardware, workstations, servers, printers, hardware integrations, etc.). We can work alongside your in-house IT team or we can operate as your fully-outsourced IT partner.

Why IT Services from Network Security Associates?

Medical professionals value their time. Any IT interruptions can result in interrupted services, longer patient wait times, and missed opportunities. Our IT Services for pediatric medical centers help:

  • Manage your IT infrastructure
  • Replace outdated hardware and software
  • Resolve network breakdowns
  • Troubleshoot network connections
  • Set up accessibility restrictions
  • Ensure you are protected against cyberattacks

One major challenge that healthcare providers may face is how to integrate their networks. Many healthcare providers rely on Electronic Health Records, medical imaging equipment, and virtual desktops to create and maintain a patient profile. If these systems are set up individually, the systems may have trouble communicating with each other. At NSA, we have specific procedures that we use to set up a pediatric medical center’s IT infrastructure to ensure that its network is standardized across the board. We ensure that pediatric medical centers won’t encounter any problems should they decide to integrate additional hardware or applications.

Can the Best IT Services Provider in Las Vegas Meet My Needs?

Partnering with NSA will lead to a strategic business partner relationship with tailor-made solutions that will meet the unique needs and technology requirements of your pediatric medical center.

We provide more comprehensive services than most IT service providers. The NSA team will not only manage your IT infrastructure, but we will also manage your medical center’s security, databases, EHR systems, and provide help desk services. We have access to a multitude of resources which strengthens our capabilities and our reach to help pediatric medical centers enhance their IT environments and transform their day-to-day operations.

It is often challenging to find qualified candidates that have the IT skills and expertise required to keep mission-critical systems and applications running at optimum performance in pediatric medical centers. An effective IT services provider can become an extension of a pediatric medical center’s IT team with the skills, resources, expertise, and network to keep systems running at peak performance.

With Network Security Associates by your side, your pediatric medical center can focus on your patients and patient emergencies instead of IT emergencies. From cost savings to increased security to improved patient satisfaction, these are only a few of the benefits our IT services can afford your pediatric medical center.

If you are ready to have a pain-free and headache-free IT infrastructure, contact NSA today to schedule a consultation.

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