Cloud Backup

Interested in securing a cloud backup for your business? NSA offers comprehensive cloud services, including cloud backups for your security and protection.

Protect Your Business With a Comprehensive Cloud Backup

Picture this: Ransomware has somehow made it onto one of your business computers and spread uncontrollably. You’ve received an email stating that you have one week to deliver $100,000 to an unknown hacker or all of your sensitive files and data will be released on the dark web.

What do you do?

If this scenario sounds far-fetched, think again. Ransomware stories like this happen every day — to businesses and organizations in all types of industries.

There are two types of victims: Those who have a secure cloud backup in place and those who don’t.

Why Do Businesses Need a Cloud Backup?

Your business’ data can be compromised at any time. Hackers and their malicious software can certainly cripple your access to files and systems. Alternatively, you may lose access after a major weather event or because of a straightforward system crash.

If you have a cloud backup, however, these unexpected events can’t hurt your business. You can simply use your backup to restore your access to data and make your business whole again in no time.

Why Do Businesses Need a Cloud Backup

Is Cloud Backup Secure?

Yes. It goes without saying that a backup of some kind is absolutely necessary for any business. This means you can either opt for a cloud backup or an on-premise backup.

Without a doubt, on-premise backups (in which your data is stored physically on-site) are much more delicate and vulnerable to security threats than other cloud backups. This naturally means that cloud backups are always the most secure option.

Is Cloud Backup Secure

Comprehensive Cloud Backup Services

Smart Las Vegas businesses have a comprehensive backup of their entire company infrastructure located on the cloud.

If you’re ready to improve your company’s security protections and ensure you have a cloud-based backup of your own, contact NSA today to learn more about our cloud technology services.