When is the Right Time to Change IT Companies?

If you’ve come across this article, you’re likely not too happy with your existing IT company. But how do you know it’s the right time to change? And what should you expect from the transition?

by | Feb 19, 2020 | Tech Insights

How To Know If It is the Right Time to Change IT Companies

When you’ve reached a breaking point and you’re simply unhappy with your existing technology provider, it’s never a fun time. After all, you’ve likely dedicated a lot of time and energy finding the technology provider you chose to look after your environment. Should you keep trying to work things out? Or is it time to make a change? When it comes to your technology, you should never settle for less than the best. Why? Because your technology is the foundation of your day-to-day operations. You depend on your technology to help you manage inventory, take payments, communicate with customers, and a whole host of other purposes.

How do you know it’s the right time to change IT companies?

The answer is simple: It’s the right time as soon as you’re unhappy. But there’s a few obvious signs it’s time to make a change:

1. They don’t seem to be proactive:

Here’s the thing… There’s no excuse nowadays for technology providers NOT to be proactive. There is a ton of remote monitoring and management options available that allow us to keep an eye on your network, alert you of potential or existing issues, and resolve them before you’re even impacted. You have every right to expect a proactive approach from your technology provider.

2. You’re experiencing recurring issues:

For most companies, the main purpose of hiring a technology provider is to avoid recurring issues that disrupt day-to-day operations. If you find yourself dealing with the same old issues, over and over again, it’s time to move on. This is a sign that your technology provider isn’t properly addressing the issue the first time around. Maybe they’re applying a band-aid type of fix rather than getting to the root cause behind the issue.

3. They don’t verify and test your backups:

If they’re taking care of your data backups, which they should be, they should also be verifying and testing those backups on a regular basis. Naturally, they should be communicating this to you to give you greater peace of mind. If they’re not verifying and testing your backups, you might be left without access to your important information in the event of an accidental deletion or malware infection.

4. You’re not getting a fast response when you need it:

If you’ve ever called or emailed them for support, how long did it take to receive a response? A few hours is far too much considering how important technology is to the modern workplace. If you’re waiting hours, or worse, days for a response, it’s time to move on. If you’re being redirected to someone who is overseas and doesn’t know who you are or anything about your environment, you need a new technology provider.

5. They don’t seem to understand your industry:

This is especially important if you’re operating in a highly regulated industry, but regardless, you need your technology provider to understand your industry. Every niche has specific technology challenges, requirements, and in many cases, regulations they need to keep in mind. If your technology provider doesn’t seem to understand the software you use or the laws you’re governed by, it’s time to move on.

6. You’re not learning about the latest threats and/or risks:

In today’s increasingly sophisticated, dangerous world of cybercrime, your technology provider has an obligation to teach you about the latest threats and/or risks. This may be in the form of sending you a few updates via email about threats as they arise or actually coming into your office and talking to you and your staff about how to respond to threats. It’s important to be aware of what’s targeting your business.

What should you expect when it’s time to transition to a new IT company?

If you’ve read the list above and you’re convinced it’s time to switch IT companies, you might be worried about the transition. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be as stressful and time-consuming as you think. It’s actually quite a simple process. Here’s how we do it:

  • We install a transition agent on all computers to perform scans, that enable us to gather all of the information we need.
  • We replace any hardware that is owned by your previous IT company – communicating with them to return their hardware and working to minimize downtime.
  • We handle any necessary communication to gather any passwords and other information our transition agent missed so you don’t have to worry.

We make the process easy because we know changing technology providers can be stressful for you, especially if there is any sort of tension or hard feelings involved.

Ready to make a change? Call (702) 547-9800 or email us at sales@nsa-nv.com to get started. Network Security Associates is the leading IT company in Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

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