Why are a Growing Number of Companies Partnering with IT Service Providers?

Three Reasons Why Working with an IT MSP is a Good Idea

Discover why a growing number of companies are outsourcing their IT department to IT managed service providers in order to boost efficiency and maximize profits.

Recent statistics show that three-quarters of all SMBs partner with an IT managed service provider at least occasionally and it’s not hard to see why. IT managed service providers offer numerous benefits that any wise business owner will want to leverage to boost business efficiency and profits. The following are three reasons why every business owner should seriously consider finding an IT service provider who can offer services such as cybersecurity, IT training, cloud storage, and IT monitoring and maintenance.

Preventing Downtime and Cyberattacks

Downtime can be caused by various factors, including employee error, outdated software, old IT equipment, and a slow network. It may also be caused by a cyberattack. In the latter instance, the cost of repairing the problem will likely be well over $100,000. However, even innocent mistakes resulting in short periods of downtime can be costly as you’ll have to pay to fix the IT problem and cover other expenses as well.

Working with an IT service provider reduces the odds of having to deal with downtime. IT service providers use up to date IT hardware and software that is regularly monitored and upgraded as needed. What’s more, IT service providers offer cybersecurity services that deter cybercriminals, keeping your valuable business data safe and secure at all times.

Improving Communications with Customers, Business Partners, and Staff Members

Do you or your employees need secure access to business data while out and about? Would business projects get done ahead of schedule if your employees had a cloud server for sharing data? Do you need a VoIP system to stay in touch with customers and/or suppliers but don’t know how to get one up and running?

Good IT managed services offer all the tools you need for easy, secure, fast communication. These include VoIP systems, secure cloud storage, mobile IT management, and more. What is more, an IT MSP won’t just install the tools but also teach you how to use them and then monitor your systems to ensure they work well at all times.

Staying in Step with Industry Regulations

Failure to stay in step with industry regulations may result in fines, loss of trust, and even legal action against your company. Thankfully, a number of IT managed service providers have IT experts on hand who have the training and experience needed to not only manage IT systems but also ensure compliance with industry regulations. These include HIPAA regulations for medical companies and NGC regulations for the casino industry.

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