Cloud Security and Remote Computing for Medical Practices

Increase Your Cloud Security with NSA’s Cloud Services

Cloud-based computing has been around for some time now, although it didn’t become heavily utilized until a few years ago. Cloud-based computing makes it possible to store any kind of data to an internet-based drive, and in return, access it anywhere in the world (as long as you are connected to the internet). As the owner of a medical practice, you may wonder if this is suitable for your day-to-day operations or have questions about cloud security. Here are some major benefits of cloud computing for medical facilities: 

Eliminate Local Storage
As your medical practice grows, you will need to expand the data storage available on-site. This forces you to invest in internal data servers. These servers are not only expensive to purchase and update, but as your internal server grows, more and more energy will be used (both to keep the hardware running and to keep it cool). With cloud-based computing, you can eliminate this internal bulk. You will no longer need to constantly purchase new server blades or update the hardware and software associated with it. 

Thanks to cloud-based computing you’ll free up space in your office, cut down on energy consumption and have 24/7 access to storage options you do not need to maintain or update yourself. By removing the local server, you create more space and save money in the long run.

Avoid Data Crashes
There’s nothing worse than a hard drive crash. If an internal server or hard drive crashes at your office, you’ll be forced to find ways to transfer the information to a new drive. Hopefully, you backed everything up prior to the crash. If you didn’t, you’ll need to find a professional service capable of extracting files from a damaged drive. If the files have been corrupted, it may be impossible to recover the information. 

With cloud-based computing you never again have to worry about this. Your information is continually backed up and stored off-site. In addition, the cloud can be accessed from anywhere, which makes it easier to work remotely.

Boosted Security
Data security is critical to protecting both your business and the personal information of your patients. Secure storage of information via the cloud reduces the risk of others getting access to your data. This can help keep your practice compliant to HIPAA regulations.

Get Ongoing Cloud Security You Can Trust

Network Security Associates offers an array of services to bolster your cloud security and safeguard the files you have stored on it. We continually monitor your systems to safeguard your information against fire, theft and natural disasters. Your servers and software will be updated on a regular basis, and you will have access to important files from virtually anywhere. For more information on our cloud services, contact us at 702-547-9800 today.