The Importance of Proper Server Maintenance and Managed IT Solutions

Your servers are the foundation of your computer network. To keep these systems performing optimally, it’s important to have sufficient managed IT solutions in place to prevent security breaches and data loss. 

Server Maintenance

Protect Your Servers With Network Security Associates’s Managed IT Solutions

Proper server maintenance keeps your organization operating efficiently and can help prevent unexpected downtime. Your server maintenance should include the following tasks:

  • Reviewing logs
  • Verifying automated systems and utilities
  • Identifying potential security risks
  • Maintaining a robust backup system

It’s important to complete these tasks before something goes wrong; what could have been a small preventable issue can bring your office down.

Server maintenance and IT alone require full-time attention, and while many businesses try to adhere to a strict maintenance schedule, it’s easy to let these tasks fall by the wayside when business is booming or you’re short-staffed. 

Instead of trying to handle your server maintenance internally, consider outsourcing the job to a company specializing in managed IT solutions, like Network Security Associates. We’ll take care of all the tasks required to maintain your servers so your company can devote its resources to other projects.

IT Maintenance Best Practices

To maintain reliable servers, Network Security Associates can help your organization implement best practices to help ensure your data is always secure.

One of the most critical maintenance steps is verifying your backups on a regular basis. Data loss from server failure can be catastrophic for your organization. Our team will monitor your daily backups to make sure they are occurring as scheduled.

Monitoring disk storage should also be done on an ongoing basis. Clearing out and archiving files in storage will keep your empty disk space at a healthy percentage. It’s also important to review your CPU, RAM and network utilization.

Updating your operating systems and applications should be an automated process, as security patches and other updates are frequently released. Our cloud-based computing services automate the update process so your devices are always running the latest software versions. We will schedule routine checks to make sure all updates are occurring as planned.

Some of the other maintenance tasks Network Security Associates provides include:

  • Implementation of Our Remote Monitoring Tool

Our remote monitoring tool makes it simple to monitor your hard drive usage. If your hard drive runs out of space, this constitutes an emergency that will bring your server to a standstill. Constant monitoring prevents this from happening. We can also remotely manage your devices to make sure your free space remains at a safe level.

  • Systematically Reviewing User Accounts

It’s vital to review user accounts to check that individuals no longer with the company have their access revoked. Those with high-level access accounts should have their accounts regularly reviewed and all inactive ones removed. Network Security Associates offers custom software that checks all your company accounts and discontinues those that are inactive after two weeks.

Comprehensive IT Solutions

Network Security Associates is your go-to provider of managed IT solutions in Las Vegas. Our expert technicians will handle your server maintenance and are available to assist 24/7 in the event of an emergency. Contact us today at 702-547-9800.