5 Network Security Tips for Preventing Data Breaches

A data breach is costly for any organization. Not only does it cost your company money, but it lowers consumer trust in your brand. Here are some simple tips to improve your network security and prevent data breaches: 

Necessary Protocol to Enhance Your Network Security

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1. Enable Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication acts as a second layer of protection, shielding your data when there’s a password breach. To access data, thieves still have to verify some type of information using a secondary device or account – one that only the intended user should have access to. For example, after your employees input their passwords to log in to the company network, they receive a verification code to their cell phones or email addresses. They must input this code to continue the sign-in process.

2. Encourage Employees to Use Password Managers

A password manager is an application that stores all the passwords an individual has in one spot. Password managers are an effective way to ensure your employees are using secure passwords. Your employees only need to remember and create one strong password for the password manager. This discourages them from writing down multiple secure passwords in a potentially vulnerable location.

The password manager is encrypted to ensure optimal network security. It also allows your employees to utilize password generation to come up with long strings of random characters hackers are less likely to guess.

3. Convey Your Expectations for Network Security to Your Employees

Your employees play a significant role in maintaining network security. Make sure your expectations for their adherence to protocol are clear and in writing. Conduct regular employee training sessions to assist with any technical questions your employees have and to reiterate the importance of following secure procedures.

Some areas you should address include:

  • Using personal devices for business-related tasks
  • Best practices for passwords
  • The importance of securing devices when employees step away from their work stations

4. Keep Your Software Up-to-Date

Checking that your software and applications are always up-to-date is a vital step for preventing data breaches. Hackers look for weak spots in a program they can exploit. Software updates address these vulnerabilities, so your data remains secure. 

If you have numerous devices and software that require attention, consider utilizing a cloud-based server to implement essential updates in a timely manner. You can opt to have this server deliver the updates automatically to the device, decreasing the likelihood that your employees neglect to do them.

5. Choose a Cloud Server Provider With Robust Security

If your company uses cloud-based storage to back up your data and software, make sure that you use a provider with strict security practices. When searching for potential providers, ask what safeguards that company has in place to keep your information protected. 

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