Network Security Solutions: Developing a Disaster Recovery Plan – Pt. 2

Once your company implements the infrastructure to securely back up its data and add layers to your network security, it’s time to tend to other aspects of your disaster recovery plan. Keep your company’s recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) in mind as you fine-tune specific details of your plan.

Implement the Right Network Security Solutions to Preserve Your Data

Conduct a Risk Assessment and Act Accordingly

Backing up your company’s data to a cloud-based server is an excellent way to prepare for multiple types of disruptions, including natural disasters, theft and virtual attacks. You can restore the information from the cloud to get your business back up and running if data is lost for any reason. However, it’s essential to conduct a risk assessment to determine if there are any specific threats your plan should address. For example, if you live in an area prone to flooding, a single event can destroy the equipment your company needs to access the information in the cloud.

Evaluate your options to access the cloud if all your equipment is destroyed. One possibility is to store backup equipment at a different physical location. If your business has multiple locales, you might have the option of temporarily moving your operations to a nearby site.

Decide How You Will Restore Your Company’s Information

You need to decide how you will restore and configure the backups of your company’s information. Remember, you may not have access to your business’s current physical location. It’s best to formulate a plan that permits remote data restoration to secure devices in order to get your company up and running again as quickly as possible.

Some disaster recovery plans look great on paper but fail when it’s time to actually implement the plan. Prevent this from happening by periodically testing every aspect of your plan, checking that the procedures satisfy your RTO and RPO guidelines and maintain network security. During the testing process, verify your procedures maintain your company’s network security in multiple scenarios by conducting simulations. You should also make sure your employees understand their duties during a real threat.

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