Top 10 AI Tools for Business Owners in 2023

Discover the game-changing potential of AI with our top 10 AI tools for business owners.

by | Jul 25, 2023 | Tech Insights

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In every industry, the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has sparked a new era of innovation and efficiency. For forward-thinking entrepreneurs and business owners, AI has become an indispensable step toward success. Here are the top 10 AI tools for business owners and their business.

1. ChatGPT

Of course ChatGPT is first on our list. ChatGPT is an AI language model crafted by OpenAI. Trained on a vast array of internet text up to September 2021, ChatGPT is a game-changer for business owners. With its remarkable ability to comprehend and produce human-like text, it becomes the perfect tool for various natural language processing tasks. From addressing queries and generating captivating content to offering explanations and engaging in interactive conversations, ChatGPT can revolutionize how businesses communicate with their audience.


• Natural Language Understanding: ChatGPT can comprehend and respond to natural language queries, making interactions more conversational and user-friendly.

• Versatility: It can assist with a wide range of tasks, such as answering questions, creating content, providing explanations, and engaging in interactive conversations.

• Large Knowledge Base: Trained on a vast amount of internet text, it has access to a broad spectrum of information up to September 2021.

• Creativity: ChatGPT can generate creative and imaginative text, making it useful for creative writing and brainstorming.

• Adaptability: It can adapt its responses to different styles and tones, providing a personalized experience for users.

• Language Support: ChatGPT can communicate in multiple languages, allowing for broader accessibility and usability.

• Continuous Improvement: OpenAI regularly updates and refines its models, leading to ongoing improvements in ChatGPT’s performance and capabilities.

2. DALL-E 2

DALL-E 2, the remarkable AI language model developed by OpenAI, sets a new standard for image generation, catering specifically to business owners seeking cutting-edge solutions. This impressive image generator excels in producing high-quality images from textual descriptions. Business can create visually captivating content, revolutionize their marketing efforts, and elevate their brand presence with stunning imagery.


• Text-to-Image Generation: By providing textual inputs, users can prompt DALL-E 2 to create corresponding images. The more detail, the more accurate the generated images become.

• Versatile Conceptualization: This AI system can create images for a wide range of concepts, making it adaptable to diverse creative and marketing needs.

• Public Accessibility: As of September 2022, DALL-E 2 has become accessible to the public. Users receive 50 free credits upon registration, which can be used to transform textual prompts into fully generated artwork. Additionally, users receive 15 free credits each month for continued use.

3. Pictory

Pictory is an exceptional AI video generator that revolutionizes video creation for business owners. Pictory is a beginner-friendly allowing anyone to be able to create high-quality videos. Embracing a cloud-based approach, Pictory seamlessly operates on any computer, ensuring unmatched convenience and accessibility. For business owners seeking to enhance their marketing efforts, engage their audience, and elevate their brand presence, Pictory becomes the go-to solution for hassle-free and professional video content.


• Video Generation from Articles: Pictory stands out by enabling users to transform articles or scripts into engaging video content. This feature is particularly valuable for businesses seeking to enhance engagement and elevate content quality on social media or websites.

• Text-Based Video Editing: With Pictory’s user-friendly interface, users can easily edit videos using text. This functionality is ideal for editing webinars, podcasts, Zoom recordings, and more, providing professional results within minutes to grow the audience and strengthen brand presence.

• Automated Video Captioning: The platform boasts powerful AI capabilities to automatically caption videos, enhancing accessibility and improving SEO rankings. It also supports over 20 languages.

• Brand Personalization: Pictory offers white-labeling features, allowing users to personalize generated videos with custom logos, colors, and fonts, establishing a strong brand identity.

• Automation: The platform offers seamless integration with Hootsuite, allowing users to schedule automatic posting of videos on social media channels.

4. Jasper

Meet Jasper, the unrivaled AI writing assistant that’s revolutionizing the market and proving to be a business owner’s ultimate ally. Its exceptional features and unmatched quality have earned Jasper widespread acclaim. What sets Jasper apart is its innovative approach: simply feed it with seed words, and watch the magic unfold. By analyzing these words meticulously, Jasper crafts phrases, paragraphs, or even entire documents, all tailored to your desired subject matter and tone of voice. Jasper is an incredibly efficient writing tool for businesses seeking to optimize their productivity.


• Multilingual Support: Supports over 25 languages, allow businesses to engage with a broader audience.

• User-Friendly Interface: Jasper’s user-friendly interface simplifies the content creation process. Not only will it write for you but it has options to easily change the tone of voice of in a piece of text, rewrite sentences, and shows a plagiarism checker to show that it is original.

• Key Element Identification: Jasper can identify essential elements in text, such as pronouns, verbs, names, and other significant components. This feature ensures that business owners can craft impactful and well-targeted content.

5. Lyro by Tidio

Lyro by Tidio presents a user-friendly chatbot solution to enhance businesses’ websites. This powerful tool facilitates real-time interactions with customers, swiftly addressing their inquiries. Leveraging AI capabilities, it provides insightful product recommendations based on customer behavior and swiftly formulates complex answers by learning from frequently asked questions (FAQs). Implementing Lyro is hassle-free, demanding minimal effort, making it an indispensable asset for businesses seeking efficient and effective customer engagement.


• Personalized Assistance: Lyro delivers personalized assistance to customers by quickly learning from frequently asked questions (FAQs) and formulating complex answers.

• Ticketing System: Lyro has a simple ticketing system that allows businesses to easily manage and resolve customers’ requests.

• Easy Implementation and Training-Free: Implementing Lyro requires minimal effort, taking under 10 minutes to activate. Additionally, the bot doesn’t need training from your support team, saving valuable time and resources.

• Testing: Lyro offers a playground environment where you can simulate customer interactions and observe the bot’s responses to different questions. This feature empowers you to refine your FAQs and optimize Lyro’s performance.

6. is a great sales tool for businesses, empowering them to seize new opportunities on a grand scale while retaining that crucial personalized touch with prospects. The platform’s cutting-edge AI capabilities, featuring the Jason AI personal assistant driven by ChatGPT, work wonders by simplifying outreach workflows, managing prospect responses, and efficiently scheduling meetings. As a result, the sales process becomes highly optimized, ensuring both efficiency and effectiveness for businesses seeking unparalleled success.


• Comprehensive Outreach Sequences: Jason AI creates sequences comprising initial emails, follow-ups, and social touches, all aimed at nurturing prospects and guiding them through the sales funnel. The platform also suggests other communication channels to enhance engagement with prospects effectively.

• Multi-Channel Approach: The platform supports a multi-channel approach to outreach, enabling communication through various channels such as cold emails, SMS, cold calls, WhatsApp, and more.

• Email Tracking and Validation: The platform provides email tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor the performance of your outreach efforts and make data-driven decisions. Additionally, the email validation feature ensures that your communication reaches valid and active email addresses, improving deliverability rates.

7. Fireflies

Fireflies, the cutting-edge AI meeting assistant, presents a game-changing solution tailored to business owners seeking optimized meeting productivity. Fireflies eliminates the need to take notes during meetings. This AI will record and transcript the meeting for you. Best of all, it has search functionalities allowing you to search an entire meeting for something specific. Business professionals can focus on the meeting, and not stress about missing something while they are taking notes.


• Instant Meeting Recording: Record meetings across any web-conferencing platform. By inviting Fireflies to the meeting, users can effortlessly capture and share conversations, ensuring that important discussions are never missed.

• Live Transcription and Audio File Support: Whether it’s a live meeting or audio files that users upload, Fireflies efficiently transcribes voice conversations. The platform’s ability to provide both transcripts and audio allows users to skim through the content while listening to the conversation.

• Seamless Team Collaboration: Working in teams becomes smoother with Fireflies. Users can add comments or mark specific parts of calls, enabling quick collaboration with teammates on critical moments from conversations.

• Powerful Search Functionality: One of Fireflies’ standout features is its search functionality. Users can review hour-long calls in just minutes by searching across action items and other important highlights.

8. Speechify

Speechify, the advanced AI-powered text-to-speech reader, emerges as a game-changer for business owners seeking enhanced content consumption solutions. With its powerful capabilities, Speechify transforms text from multiple formats, such as PDFs, emails, documents, and articles, into natural-sounding speech, alleviating the need for reading. It also supports 15 different languages. By incorporating Speechify into their workflow, business owners can save times by changing the way they consume written content.


• Fast and Flexible Speech Generation: Users can listen to any text at their preferred speed.

• Image-to-Audio Conversion: Speechify’s functionality extends to converting text found in images. Users can take a screenshot of any text and have Speechify read it aloud.

9. Personal AI

Personal AI, the cutting-edge conversational AI tool, becomes an indispensable asset for business owners seeking to elevate their communication game. Designed to facilitate smarter and more natural conversations, Personal AI offers a diverse array of powerful features. From automating responses to generating questions and crafting personalized messages, this tool streamlines communication, boosting efficiency and effectiveness. By leveraging Personal AI, business owners can enhance their interactions, build stronger relationships, and drive greater success in their ventures.


• Automated Responses and Replies: Users can automate responses to frequently asked questions and set up automated replies to emails.

• Personalized Messages: The AI can generate personalized messages for clients or customers, ensuring a more tailored and engaging interaction.

• Organizational Tools: Personal AI offers built-in features like a to-do list, calendar, and reminders to help users stay organized and productive.

• Language Translation: Personal AI can create or send messages in the recipient’s language, making communication with individuals who speak different languages more efficient. It translates messages to ensure effective communication.

• AI Training and Custom Solutions: Users can train the AI to be like them, using their own message exchanges.

10. HeyDay

HeyDay is a memory assistant AI, helping users remember information they come across online. When you see content or information you think is valuable, you can easily save it and come back to it whenever you want. It is integrated into popular apps like Gmail, Slack, and Google Drive. HeyDay ensures that valuable information is never lost, providing a comprehensive solution for efficient content storage and easy retrieval.


• Smart Browsing Analysis: Uses algorithms to analyze browsing history and suggests relevant pages for users to save.

• App Integration: Seamlessly integrates with popular apps like Gmail, Slack, and Google Drive, simplifying the process of saving content and documents directly from these platforms.

• Content Reminders: Resurfaces content you forgot about while browsing.

AI Tools For You!

As time goes on, these tools will only become better, presenting boundless opportunities for businesses. With the ability to drive growth, enhance productivity, and elevate customer experiences, business owners can stay ahead in their industries and shape a future of unrivaled success and innovation.

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