Technology Helps Healthcare Organizations Enhance Patient Experiences

Healthcare organizations looking to become more patient-centered must incorporate the right technology to not only boost quality of care, but exceed ever-evolving expectations of service too…

by | Mar 12, 2020 | Tech Insights

How Does Technology Help Healthcare Organizations Enhance Patient Experiences?

Today, the healthcare industry is becoming more consumer driven than ever before. Why? Because patients have the ability to search online, read and compare reviews, and ultimately, choose their healthcare providers based on the massive volume of information available to them. This means healthcare organizations must become more patient-centered, but this requires significant changes to their strategic plans in terms of technology. It’s important to incorporate the right technology to not only boost quality of care, but exceed ever-evolving expectations of service too.

Technology Upgraded For Healthcare Organization In Las Vegas With IT Services Company

How Does a Greater Patient Experience Benefit the Healthcare Provider?

Naturally, a greater patient experience benefits the healthcare provider as much as it does the patients they serve. How? Essentially, if a doctor is able to minimize wait times and see patients quicker, they’re able to boost profitability throughout the day. If patient experiences are positive, word-of-mouth referrals come around – allowing the healthcare provider to grow their practice and remain competitive in the marketplace. Let’s take a look at how healthcare providers should prioritize their technology initiatives to achieve a better patient experience:

  • Streamline administrative processes that tend to frustrate patients, such as appointment scheduling, access to insurance information, online bill payments, and more.
  • Take advantage of telehealth/virtual technology that allows you to eliminate wait times, and instead, enable patients to experience a quick and easy “visit” with the doctor that leaves them much happier.
  • Improve decision making with healthcare analytics that give you insight into real-time information in regards to patient admittance, staff schedules, discharge processes, and more to find inefficiencies that need work.
  • Use a patient relationship management program that helps you capture, organize, and make use of the ever-evolving volume of data you’re collecting on each patient to speed up diagnosis and treatment, and in turn, minimize wait times.

In the past, the healthcare industry has put a lot of the burden on the patients – leaving them to find their care, disclose the right information prior to booking an appointment, and reaching back out when they need assistance between visits. All of this has led to an average healthcare experience that’s not exactly positive, but with the right technology in place, the patient experience can be improved significantly while saving the healthcare provider time, money, and effort throughout all departments.

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