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The Dark Side of Shopping On Cyber Monday

For some, nothing is more exciting than finding the best deals on Cyber Monday. But could you be putting your online identity at risk? Worse yet, your business data? Follow these 3 simple guidelines, to make your Cyber Monday shopping experience safe.

Choose your payment method wisely

Nowadays there are quite a few ways to purchase online. Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit card or debit card, but which one should you use? One of the most unsecured ways is to use your debit card. When you use your debit card money comes straight out of your checking account. If this number is stolen or compromised it can take days, weeks or even longer to straighten out and in the meantime, you are at risk for overdrafts or defaulting on bills.

Using a credit card online is more secure, however, for the best online protection use Apple Pay or Google Pay whenever possible. These payment methods have layered security and use a onetime encrypted number each time a payment is made, keeping your actual credit card number secure.

Never use public Wi-Fi

This is a good rule no matter what you are doing online but especially when shopping. Public wi-fi can leave you and your transactions exposed. Use a personal wi-fi hotspot or the network connection on your smartphone instead.

Beware of Cloned Websites

Look for secured websites before making a purchase. The secured website will have HTTPS at the beginning of the retailer’s URL for example https://www.retailer.com. It is always safer to directly enter the URL of the store than to click on a link.

Keeping your data safe

We hope that these tips keep your payments and data secure while shopping online. But keeping your company’s data safe is what we do best at Network Security Associate. We use the 3-2-1 backup rule. It’s simple to remember. We keep at least 3 copies of your data, store 2 backup copies on different storage devices and 1 of them is located off-site. For more information regarding backing up your company’s data please call us at 702-547-9800 or click here.