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Employee Independence: A Look Into the Benefits of Working from Home

Giving employees the option to work from home is the wave of the future. More and more companies are putting work-from-home protocol in place to help not only keep employees happy with a flexible work schedule, but also to help benefit the company as a whole in the long run. Recent studies have supported the idea that working from home—for the right people—can increase productivity and decrease stress. Research also suggests companies that encourage and support a work-from-home protocol actually save money in the long run. Here are a few highlights of this increasingly popular business model:

  • Employees are more productive. A  Stanford Business study found employees who work from home are 13% more productive compared to their in-office counterparts.
  • Employee retention is higher.Happier employees are more likely to stay in their current job than looking for another one. According to the Wall St. Journal, a high employee turnover rate can cost a business  “twice an employee’s salary to find and train a replacement.”
  • Absenteeism is reduced.Colds and flues can spread like wildfire throughout an office. With a work-from-home environment, employees are healthier and less likely to call in sick.

A work-from-home environment doesn’t have to be an all or nothing. It can be structured as you see fit. Start off with just a few days a month. Then, try a few days a week – whatever benefits you, your company and your employees.

The best way to transition your company to a work-from-home environment is by utilizing the cloud. A cloud-based service can offer an invaluable benefit, giving your employees the flexibility to access company data remotely and securely. Network Security Associates’ cloud-based services have many benefits. They are:

  • Reliable
  • Secure
  • Accessible anywhere
  • Scalable to your business
  • Affordable

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How to Set Your Remote Workers Up for Success With Cloud Desktop Service

A 2018 study indicated, 70 percent of global workers work remotely at least one day a week. Telecommuting has benefits for both the workers and the employer. Employers can reduce the expenses associated with maintaining permanent office spaces and work stations, while workers can boost their productivity and achieve a healthier work-life balance.

Giving your employees the ability to work remotely may pose some challenges for your company, especially when it comes to keeping your sensitive data secure. If you want to give employees the option to work remotely, here are a few things to do to ensure their success:

Establish Your Expectations

Clearly communicate your expectations to your remote workers, so they understand what steps are necessary to keep you informed of their daily projects and to maintain optimal security levels for company information. You may need to offer clarification regarding the following areas:

  • Device usage (can employees use their personal devices to work or should they stick with company-issued equipment?)
  • System security guidelines (password specifications and requirements for two-factor authentication)
  • Physical device security
  • Data storage rules

Set Up a Cloud Desktop Service

You can bolster the security of your business’s data with a cloud desktop service. A cloud desktop service permits your remote employees to send, receive and store data using a virtual cloud. They can access and use the cloud anywhere they have a secure connection.

The cloud desktop service makes it simple to grant employees access to the programs and software they need to telecommute. Instead of having to install software on each individual device, you can just add it to the cloud.

Another option to help keep your business’s data secure is to set up a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN makes it possible for you to extend your company’s private network to remote workers. You won’t have to worry your workers might conduct sensitive transactions or send private information using a connection that is not safe. Make it clear to your workers they are to always use the VPN for work-related matters. You can even set some systems up, so they will only work with a VPN.

Not only does a cloud desktop service provide secure backups of your employees’ work, but it also allows for easy data restoration in case of a natural disaster or device accident. Contact Network Security Associates at 702-547-9800 to set up cloud desktop service today.

Advantages of Virtual Cloud Desktop Service

Advantages of Virtual Cloud Desktop Service

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), sometimes called a cloud desktop service, is a way to host a desktop operating system on a centralized server typically located offsite in a data center. The user simply logs in using a PC, tablet or even a smartphone. If you’re wondering whether VDI* is right for you, there are several benefits to consider.

Benefits of Using a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

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1. Lower Cost
Because the processing power happens at the remote server, each user does not need to have an ultra-modern computer with all the latest upgrades to have an excellent experience. Older devices will work just fine.

2. Greater Security
With a cloud desktop service, all data resides on a server in a data center, not on a laptop or computer, which can be stolen or damaged. When it’s time to update security software or implement new protocols, there’s no need for an IT employee to travel from desk to desk – it can all be implemented at the server. Additionally, you’ll never have to worry about natural disasters wiping out your data; it’s all secure in the cloud.

3. Full Desktop Experience
Your users will not have to deal with the hassle of a frustrating transition. Cloud desktop service users will be presented with a regular desktop with all data and applications ready to use – just like they’re used to. That makes the switch to VDI seamless for all users.

4. Flexibility
Remote users, telecommuters, frequent travelers, and anyone who bounces between them will have complete access to everything needed to get the job done from anywhere with an internet connection. From shared files to company apps, your employees are free to work in a way that is convenient for everyone.

Get More With Cloud Desktop Service

When you need reliable, secure access to your data and applications, VDI provides a solution that won’t get in the way of productivity, while also making it easier to support your company’s technology. To learn more about cloud desktop service, or for a free assessment, contact us at 702-547-9800 today.

*VDI provided by terminal services

Benefits of the Cloud

If your business still uses a computer or physical server for its digital storage or software operations, it is time consider a move to the cloud. The cloud consists of Internet-based software that securely stores your company’s data and permits users to conduct certain activities. Here are a few ways switching to cloud computing can benefit your business:

1. The Cloud Requires Less Infrastructure

A primary benefit of the cloud is it requires less infrastructure than local storage and computing. Instead of having to outfit each computer with software and investing in multiple local servers, a cloud service subscription provides all of the computing services needed to efficiently run your business. The switch to cloud computing may also improve your cash flow and decrease operating expenses. You don’t have to worry about paying a significant sum of cash to invest in new software or servers; just pay for the cloud service each month.

2. Cloud Security Makes It Easier for Your Company to Preserve Its Data

It is essential that your business be prepared for multiple scenarios, from natural disasters to theft. Cloud security allows your business to rapidly recover from unexpected events. When using cloud computing, all of your documents, data, and programs are backed up to the cloud. Should you lose a computer to a burglary or hardware failure, everything needed is accessible from the cloud.

3. The Cloud Gives Your Business Flexibility

An amazing advantage of the cloud is that it can be accessed from any location where there’s internet access. This means you and your employees now have the option to work remotely. Many employees value a healthy work-life balance. Switching to cloud computing is one way to help them achieve this goal. If your employees need to collaborate, cloud computing allows them to work together, regardless of their physical locations.

4. It Is Easier to Install Updates With the Cloud

Regular updates are essential to maintaining a high level of cloud security. Fortunately, when using the cloud, your service provider takes care of essential updates to keep systems and data secure.

Ready to experience the benefits of cloud computing? Contact Network Security Associates at 702-547-9800 to schedule a free consultation today. Our on-site monthly maintenance ensures that your cloud security is always maintained at the highest level.