Struggling with Remote Work?

As Businesses Are Forced to Reconfigure Their Tools, Policies, and Workflows in Response to Shelter-in-Place and Social Distancing Orders, Many Are Struggling with the Transition to Remote Work…

by | May 19, 2020 | Tech Insights

Struggling with Remote Work? Here Are Our Top Tips for Staying Productive at Home

As Businesses Are Forced to Reconfigure Their Tools, Policies, and Workflows in Response to Shelter-in-Place and Social Distancing Orders, Many Are Struggling with the Transition to Remote Work…

The coronavirus pandemic has completely altered the way we live and work – forcing many of us to spend a lot more time at home, even those of us who are used to going into the office for 40 hours a week. Now, remote work has become the norm, and for some, the transition hasn’t been easy. It’s an entirely unfamiliar concept for the majority of businesses – meaning they’re having to reconfigure their tools, policies, and workflows in a short time-span.

It’s no secret… It’s a difficult time, especially for remote workers who are struggling with the following:

  • Adjusting to juggling more priorities at once (family, childcare, pets, and work)
  • Dealing with complex feelings surrounding their health and safety
  • Finding ways to manage their deadlines, communications, and time

But here’s the thing… Remote work isn’t a new concept at all, it’s simply unfamiliar for many organizations. In reality, remote work has been around for quite a while, and surprisingly enough, remote work has been shown to have huge benefits. Just take a look at the following statistics:

  • Companies allowing remote work have 25% lower turnover than those that don’t allow remote work.
  • 76% of employees would be more loyal and willing to stay with their employer if they were able to work more flexible hours.
  • Employees working remotely at least once per month are 24% more likely to be productive and satisfied.

How Can You Experience the Productivity-Boosting Power of Remote Work?

If you’re struggling with remote work, it’s likely due to the lack of time and preparation the majority of businesses had before embracing working from home. Here are our top tips for staying productive while working remotely:


The right tools will make communicating with co-workers, managers, and customers a breeze. Even if some communications seem redundant, keeping everyone in the loop will lessen mistakes and stress. Here are our top picks:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Slack
  • Zoom

Keep Your Workspace Organized

Keep your desktop clear of clutter! There’s an old adage “a place for everything and everything in its place.” Try to keep this in mind for your home workspace, as well as your computer desktop. You will make your life a lot easier.

Stick to Your Regular Schedule

It’s important for you and your employer to know when you are working and when you are unavailable. Keep your normal working hours, including breaks and lunchtime. If you need to change hours due to other obligations, speak with your employer beforehand.

Get Outside

On your break or lunchtime, go outside and take a walk or relax away from the computer. It’s very easy to stay inside and never see the light of day. Getting 5 to 15 minutes of sunlight, even a few times a week helps boost vitamin D, and can help you mentally feel better.

Have a Reliable IT Company like Network Security Associates

If you do run into a problem accessing your companies files or applications while working remotely, it’s helpful to have an IT company to depend on. Network Security Associates, for instance, offers remote support wherein we can resolve the majority of problems without even stepping foot in your home.

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