Five Ways Outsourcing Complements Your IT Team

Outsourcing IT services complements rather than competes with your in-house IT department and can improve service, security, reliability, and creativity.  

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Tech Insights

5 Ways Your In-House IT Department Benefits from Outsourcing

Outsourcing IT services complements rather than competes with your in-house IT department and can improve service, security, reliability, and creativity.  

This year –2020 — is expected to be a year of visible change for IT companies, especially in their use of managed service providers. In particular, partnerships between an enterprise’s internal IT team and outsourced experts are going to become increasingly important in 2020 and beyond. Outsourcing complements your in-house IT team in several ways.

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Better Workload Management

In-house IT staffing levels may be sufficient for everyday tasks such as server monitoring and maintenance. However, an in-house team may need help in longer-term assignments or implementation of specific projects, such as cloud migration. By outsourcing some tasks, enterprises can ensure that both short-term, routine tasks and longer-term strategic tasks receive appropriate attention even with a lean IT staff. Partnering with a managed service provider also allows internal staff members to focus on their areas of expertise, which improves efficiency and effectiveness.

Improved Security and Reliability

Privacy regulators are imposing more significant penalties on companies that experience security breaches. At the same time, hackers and ransomware developers are becoming more intelligent. In 2019, McAfee predicted that malware hackers would begin partnering to not only steal data but to sell it to competitors. IT service providers have considerable expertise, software, and equipment available to thwart security threats; in fact, many providers specialize in security. When internal IT departments partner with these managed service providers, the enterprise’s cybersecurity improves.

Partnering with an MSP also allows for around-the-clock coverage, which improves reliability.

Innovation quotes a Global Sourcing Association report as saying that 83 percent of survey respondents believe that robotic process automation (RPA) will be one of the critical technologies of the decade. A similar number feel the same for artificial intelligence (AI). Managed service providers can help enterprises to develop an automation plan and use RPA and AI technology effectively.

Partnering with a managed service provider also helps broaden technical expertise in all areas. It allows for faster and more creative problem-solving. Inhouse IT experts remain engaged through sharing and learning with MSP experts.

Enterprises also can partner with multiple managed service providers, each with a specific specialty, to improve the range of services they can provide and gain a competitive advantage.


Partnering with an MSP allows an enterprise to scale up or down as needed to handle peaks and valleys in workload. It also allows a business to grow quickly without having to make significant capital investments or hire additional staff.

Improved Service

Partnering with an MSP can ensure that an IT person is available 24/7/365, without having to hire in-house talent in multiple locations. Employees can have IT support no matter where they choose to work or at what time. This improves an enterprise’s ability to recruit workers in many vital areas because workers could be located in other countries or work from home on flexible schedules.