Outsourced IT Services In Las Vegas

NSA is the top outsourced IT service company in Las Vegas. Why trust just any IT service company? Call NSA now and get great help.

by | Dec 2, 2021 | Tech Insights

 All You Need to Know About Outsourced IT Services

Even in the early days of a small business, it pays to implement IT solutions that simplify operations and fulfill customer needs in the shortest span. With many organizations relying on technology in nearly every function of business, getting qualified support behind the tools has become critical for many business owners. Great IT expertise is hard to come by. And when it does, small business owners have to compete for talent with large corporations, where many would lose out on the perks offered by their competitors. Outsourcing information technology is one of the most effective solutions to meeting the skills gap, regardless of business size.

Why Opt for Outsourced IT Support

One of the key benefits of outsourcing is that it allows you to focus on your core competencies. As a small business, specialization gives your enterprise the extra spring needed to leapfrog the competition. It relieves your small team from mundane and often repetitive tasks, so they can work on core projects that deliver more profits and customer satisfaction. There are many more advantages of contracting IT support, as we will discover in the following description.

Access to the best technology expertise

Internal teams may know the ins and outs of your business. But when it comes to the best network security or other effective business technologies, you will be better off with proven experts in their field, something your team cannot offer right away.  Many IT outsourcing firms connect to a wide pool of specialists. When you have an exasperating technology problem, they can break down your systems to provide custom-fitted solutions.

Specialists will be your best option when handling complex projects like technology migration or integration. They’re usually better informed on emerging issues in IT and will be a great help in applying tactics to increase your output.

More secure systems

Securing your information systems is a task better left to the experts. Besides, many people hardly ever think about information security beyond the access password. Data breaches reached astronomical figures in 2020 and 2021. From Las Vegas to New York, cybersecurity remains one of the most significant threats facing any organization in the US. In today’s age, where customers are increasingly concerned about data privacy and protection, a small business can hardly survive the fallout from a massive data leak.

The threats are ever-evolving and highly unpredictable. It takes a top-tier security professional to spot the tactics and develop the right protective measures. A lot of training and on-the-job practice goes into this, and you will hardly find such skills from an in-house team.

Maximizing your growth potential

As your business grows, you may need to scale up the technology to meet the rising demand. For instance, adding a few more branches means you might need to get more storage, and, of course, you will have more data backup and computer networking concerns. Managed IT services can help you keep up with the growing demands without experiencing all the hassles. Besides, you may find that a single call can upgrade your entire infrastructure to the right size.

Outsourcing firms have the staff and resources to pick up your requests and implement the new functionalities swiftly. And we haven’t even mentioned how outsourced IT services like cloud infrastructure and collaboration tools allow seamless remote working.

Outsourced IT leads to fewer overheads

The cost element remains one of the rarely discussed issues regarding the benefits of outsourced IT, since you still have to pay for the service, and some may charge a premium. However, the cumulative savings from contracting are undeniably high when you factor in different costs like equipment management and payroll management.

Machine breakdown curtails your freedom to focus your budget on more crucial areas of the business. Besides, it leads to downtimes that eat into your profits. Outsource partners usually package repair and maintenance into the service, so your equipment stays in a perfect working condition almost all the time.  You will ideally have a lean IT department or none at all, cutting employee-related costs like training, taxes, insurance, claims, or benefits.

What You can get from NSA Outsourced IT Services

Network Security Associates (NSA) supports businesses with top-of-the-line services in cybersecurity, compliance management, cloud hosting, system management, device management, and many other managed IT solutions. We are the right people to call in Las Vegas for any of the following support services:

Cloud services

With our cloud solutions, you can match your storage and processing power to your current business needs. It lets you save on costs by cutting wastage on excess, as you only pay for what you use. Our cloud service is uniquely designed to scale with your business demands. Some of the cloud solutions on offer include:

  • Cloud storage, data back-up, and file sharing
  • Microsoft Azure services
  • Cloud hosting solutions
  • Cloud computing services (virtualization)

<a class="wpil_keyword_link " href="https://www.nsa-nv.com/specializations/hipaa-Compliance

If you run a casino or gaming establishment, you need to comply with PCI and other industry regulations in Nevada or risk losing your license. The latter is not an alternative, so you need someone with years of experience managing IT for the Las Vegas <a class="wpil_keyword_link " href="https://www.nsa-nv.com/casino-gaming industry to help you stay up-to-date with compliance. Some of our solutions include:

  • PCI compliance for transactions
  • Advanced identification and access security
  • Authentication technologies
  • Floor monitoring and surveillance systems
  • Securing transactions and online activity like in-game purchases, protecting software assets from breaches, and protecting customer information


You can make your business an exception to statistics, even in the worst years of cyber attacks. Your business should be a place where your customers can transact freely without the threat of data leaking to fraudsters hanging over their heads. When you partner with NSA, our highly experienced cybersecurity professionals will assess all the possible threats you may face and fix them before they happen. Some of our processes include:

  • Security audits to find gaps in your system
  • Penetration testing to find and fix vulnerabilities
  • Cybersecurity awareness training for staff
  • Threat surveillance and round-the-clock monitoring software

Managed IT services

Our managed IT service lets you focus on more pressing needs for your business, as we oversee functions like your helpdesk, application management, and hardware maintenance. You get all these with best-in-the-market service level agreements.

Outsourcing IT services helps to level the playing field for small businesses. If you want to take your business to the next level, contact NSA, and we will provide you with solutions that help you compete with the best in Las Vegas.