NSA Provides Technical Support For Las Vegas Work-From-Home Employees in 2021

A Las Vegas organization that had recently transitioned to remote working arrangements was experiencing connectivity issues, making it difficult for work-from-home employees to remain productive.

by | Mar 14, 2021 | Tech Insights

NSA Provides Technical Support For Las Vegas Work-From-Home Employees in 2021

A Las Vegas organization that had recently transitioned to remote working arrangements was experiencing connectivity issues, making it difficult for work-from-home employees to remain productive. They reached out to Network Security Associates for support, and before long, we had helped them resolve their connectivity issues and optimize their network infrastructure to support optimal performance and productivity.

NSA Resolves Work-From-Home Connectivity Issues For Busy Las Vegas Organization

Our team was recently contacted by the leader of a Las Vegas Homeowner Association (HOA) management company. In the wake of everything that has occurred in the last year, this organization had made the decision to pivot its business model and have its employees work from home to maintain the highest levels of safety for their team. However, since making the transition, their team had been experiencing consistent networking issues that were making it difficult to stay productive and connected. The management team was looking for a team of IT professionals in Nevada that could help them resolve the issues and maintain a consistently reliable connection.

We have to say, the adaptability and proactivity of this organization impressed us from the very start. We respected the fact that they had embraced the modern workplace in uncertain circumstances. They quickly adapted to ensure their business would remain productive and profitable and that their team would remain healthy and safe. Even more impressive? When they came to the conclusion that their remote working arrangements weren’t functioning optimally, they didn’t hesitate to reach out to our team of network specialists for support.

The reality is, the events of the last year have been hard on businesses and organizations in all industries. We have helped many of our clients transition to remote-working arrangements to ensure their business goals would not be demolished because of circumstances outside their control. The good thing is, strategic and reliable remote work is possible and it’s made even easier when leadership teams make the decision to recruit a team of IT professionals to work out the kinks.

In our experience, the challenges experienced by switching to remote operations vary from one organization to the next. Our goal as Las Vegas IT support providers is to help organizations determine the best remote working arrangements for them. This requires coming to understand an organization’s operational needs and unique business goals. We knew that once we partnered with this Las Vegas HOA management company, we could determine the best ways to resolve their network issues and optimize their remote-work situation.

We’ve decided to put together a brief summary of what they were looking for and how our team of IT specialists rose to the occasion to support them. Our hope is that by sharing our experience with this Las Vegas organization, other businesses will be inspired to reach out for IT support to help them navigate an unpredictable and constantly-evolving business environment.

The Problem: Why This Las Vegas Organization Reached Out to NSA for IT Support in 2021

The manager from this Las Vegas organization explained to us that ever since transitioning to a work-from-home arrangement, team members’ home WiFi networks were consistently unreliable. Their organization relies on industry-specific software that requires a steady VPN connection. Their business telecommunications systems are provided through Vonage and also require a steady connection to the internet in order to function consistently. Every time an employee’s WiFi network would drop – even if only for a few seconds – their team members would have to reset everything in order to get back to work.

Because of these persistent network issues, this organization was looking for support to resolve the technical trouble. The downtime and communication breakdown was taking its toll on their operations and they were hoping a team of Las Vegas IT professionals could come in to assess the issues and ensure their connectivity would remain reliable and their IT infrastructure would be positioned to support optimal operations.

Here’s the support this Las Vegas organization was looking for from NSA:

  • Initial consultation & review of the networking issue: They were hoping we could make an initial visit to their work-from-home locations to provide some initial consultation. They wanted us to talk to each team member to get a better idea of the connectivity issue and how it was impacting their ability to remain productive.
  • Identification of the root cause of the problem: Once we had met with the team and conducted an initial review and consultation, they wanted us to help them identify the root cause of the issue. They wanted to know why their various connections were so unreliable and how they could resolve them by streamlining connectivity between all their work-from-home sites.
  • Resolution of the problem: Once we had gotten to the bottom of the issue, they wanted our help to implement a strategic and reliable networking solution that could help their team remain consistently connected and productive. They wanted to implement a solution that would prevent future networking issues from occurring and wanted to ensure we had truly resolved the issue and not just implemented a quick-fix solution.
  • Network optimization: Finally, once the networking issue was resolved, they wanted some additional support to optimize their work-from-home network to ensure company resources were always secure, available, and streamlined. They wanted their network to be optimized in a way that supported optimal performance and productive operations.

We commended the management team from this Las Vegas organization for their attention to detail and their openness to professional IT support. We knew we had to get in there and develop a solution that would resolve these connectivity issues and streamline their network infrastructure to help them stay productive. After our initial phone call, we’d made plans to visit their small collection of home offices to examine and resolve the issue once and for all.

The Solution: How NSA Helped This Las Vegas Organization Resolve Their Network Issues

From our initial contact with this team of Las Vegas professionals, we knew that they had reached out to the right team of IT professionals. The NSA team has extensive experience helping Nevada businesses optimize their network infrastructure – both in the office and from home. We knew that with the right approach, we could help this organization implement a work-from-home networking solution that would eliminate their connectivity issues and position them for optimal operations.

However, more than anything else, we knew that this would require a completely customized approach. As we mentioned, when it comes to optimizing a work-from-home networking solution, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. We needed to understand the specific needs, goals, and challenges of this particular organization in order to develop a customized solution that would help them keep business moving steadily from home.

Here’s the strategic IT solutions & support we provided for this Las Vegas organization:

Initial Consultation & Comprehensive Issue Assessment 

We started by scheduling a time to visit each of the home offices that were experiencing connectivity issues. At each location, we talked extensively with team members who explained the specific network issues they had been experiencing. We also talked with them about their day-to-day operational needs and how they wanted their network to support those needs. We also closely examined the WiFi networking situation at each location to start getting an idea of how we might streamline and better connect these different locations with a stronger and more reliable network solution.

Root Cause Identification 

Once we had completed our initial consultation and networking assessment, we worked to get to the bottom of the issue. During our initial review, we discovered that all of the different team members were deploying different WiFi solutions provided by different WiFi providers. This was making their VPN connectivity unpredictable and team members would often drop off during an important meeting or be disconnected in the middle of working on an important project. We got to thinking and began crafting a solution that would bring all the users together by deploying the same WiFi solutions from the same provider.

Swift Issue Resolution 

As soon as we got to the root cause of the issue, we started developing a plan that would centralize and synchronize their networking solutions. We implemented new WiFi routers at all locations and got all the team members operating with the same WiFi provider. We also implemented the WiFi solutions strategically so that team members would also always have the ability to connect directly to their internet with an ethernet cable if the wireless network was unstable because of weather or other uncontrollable interferences. We made sure each team member knew how to use the new networking solutions and we tested everyone’s software and hardware to ensure things were connected securely and consistently.

Network Infrastructure Optimization 

Once the issue was resolved and their team reported a more steady and reliable connection, we then worked to optimize their network infrastructure from end-to-end. This involved making sure their software was easily and securely accessible at all times and also involved optimizing their telecommunications system to streamline communication and collaboration. We also made sure to eliminate redundancies and highlight unused productivity and optimization features that would help their team stay consistently productive and efficient.

Ongoing Technical Support & Strategic Planning 

Finally, we committed ourselves to be an ongoing technical support partner for this Las Vegas organization. We wanted them to know that we would remain consistently onboard as their trusted IT partner. If they experienced further networking issues, we would be there to solve them before they negatively impacted operations. We would also keep a constant eye on their network to make sure productivity and security levels remained high. We also assured them that we would help them plan for the future as needed by keeping their IT systems up-to-date and offering strategic consultation on innovative work-from-home solutions.

Is Your Las Vegas Organization Trying to Optimize Remote Work in 2021? NSA Can Help!

Ever since we partnered with this Las Vegas organization, they’ve provided us with a tonne of great feedback. They no longer have to worry about losing their connection, and since we optimized their network infrastructure, their team is more productive than ever before. Team members always have secure and reliable access to crucial company resources and staying connected is easier than ever. We couldn’t be happier about the support we provided to help this organization remain focused on business in unusual circumstances.

The management team has even told us that since their remote network is operating so smoothly, they doubt they’ll ever return to the office at full capacity. They know that with a reliable connection, their work from home arrangements can help them remain competitive and cost-effective in a constantly-changing business environment.

Is your Las Vegas organization considering remote operations? Are your employees already working from home? No matter your situation, NSA can help you ensure your network infrastructure is positioned and optimized to support cost-effective and productive operations. We have the experience and expertise necessary to help your organization thrive – even when you’re working outside the office. If you’re looking for remote work IT support in Las Vegas, NSA is a click or call away!

Give us a call anytime at (702) 547-9800, or visit our website at www.nsa-nv.com to book an initial consultation about remote-work IT support in 2021.