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by | Oct 4, 2020 | Tech Insights

Getting Started With Microsoft Teams For Las Vegas Businesses

Microsoft Teams is a premium communication hub that comes with the advanced tools needed to keep your workforce connected. It is no surprise that many small and large businesses take advantage of the platform thanks to the positive out-of-the-box experience. Companies are rolling out the tool due to a significant increase in the number of remote workers.

When implemented appropriately, MS Teams helps keep your organization moving by simplifying remote working. The app builds on the strengths of other business communication tools to provide an enterprise collaboration platform. Your workforce can leverage chat and video conferencing features. In the end, it becomes easier to enhance the connected workplace experience.

Teams are undoubtedly transforming the way companies communicate, collaborate, and work. It fully integrates with applications in the Microsoft 365 suite to provide a comprehensive solution. The platform gives your workforce a familiar experience regardless of the location and device used. With MS Teams, your staff switches effortlessly between office and remote.

The best part is that Microsoft Teams can transform backgrounds to enable users to collaborate from various locations and settings, including hotel rooms and at home. As a result, users no longer worry about the appearance of their backgrounds during live video meetings. MS Teams offers premium security, collaboration, and integration capabilities.

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Setting Up Teams and Channels

To get started on the platform, create a few channels and teams (ideally two to three) for your workforce. Doing so makes it easier to familiarize yourself with the application’s features. In turn, you can deploy Teams (a group of people collaborating on a specific theme) to all business units more effectively. The platform allows you to set up teams and channels for internal and outside (guest) collaborators.

Teams offer a secure communication solution to share and co-author documents. It supports rapid and inclusive interactions to help your users iterate on projects. You can customize various aspects of MS Teams to suit specific needs. For instance, it is possible to add fingertip access to shared applications, web pages, and notes.

IT professionals at Network Security Associates in Las Vegas recommend encouraging users to install mobile and desktop apps to ensure an optimal experience. Once the early adopters are active, consider monitoring usage patterns, and assess feedback.

Teams devices like cameras, headsets, room systems, and phones contribute to your workforce’s good experience.

Meetings and Conferencing Prerequisites

Before initiating an organization-wide roll-out, ensure that your environment is ready to handle the deployment. The ideal environment ensures that users enjoy an optimal experience. For this reason, deploy SharePoint Online and Exchange Online before scaling the deployment. Additionally, you need a verified O365 domain and to ensure that your organization’s network is ready.

With MS Teams, you leverage custom admin roles to manage various aspects of the communication platform. On the other hand, the meetings settings and policies allow administrators to exercise control over access to various features. The app comes with default policies, and you can elect to create custom policies.

Activity reports provide valuable insights regarding usage patterns. The reports enable you to increase adoption levels, optimize training, and improve the overall experience. Thus, your employees become more productive and collaborative.

Meanwhile, bandwidth planning provides a viable way to determine the required bandwidth to support meetings in Microsoft Teams.

Audio Conferencing Deployment

MS Teams provides audio conferencing capabilities, which allow your users to participate in a meeting using a regular phone. Furthermore, users can dial-out from a meeting to a phone number. Your administrators set up this feature for users planning to lead or schedule meetings. In turn, meeting participants dial-in (call-in) without the need for any licenses or additional configurations.

The ability to dial-in is useful for participants joining the meetings while on the go. Conferencing bridges enable this functionality based on default settings. Alternatively, administrators can configure various settings and phone numbers to suit your organization’s needs. Some of the settings you need to configure for a custom set up include the PIN and languages.

After setting up conferencing bridges, it is possible to opt to use the default parameters, such as PIN length and entry and exit notification. Alternatively, you can switch to other settings. Microsoft Teams supports dial-out to international phone numbers. However, you need to set up communication credits for your business. The same applies when planning to provide toll-free conference bridge numbers.

Administrators employ controls to determine the type of outbound PSTN calls that users can initiate. The phone system translates dialed numbers into a specific format, such as E.164. Normalization rules apply to all call routing and authorization procedures.

Microsoft Teams Meeting and Call Quality

The call quality dashboard and call analytics enable your organization’s administrators to monitor and troubleshoot any issues concerning the meeting or call quality. It becomes easier to gain access to detailed information regarding connectivity, networks, and devices with analytics. The information covers specific meetings and calls.

Network engineers and administrators rely on the dashboard to optimize the network. The feature provides an overview of aggregate information for your organization. During the implementation phase, you need to appoint individuals responsible for monitoring and troubleshooting call quality issues.

Why Choose Network Security Associates

Founded in 2003, Network Security Associates helps businesses keep their information technology infrastructure secure and operating smoothly. The firm offers professional support services in Las Vegas and surrounding areas. It provides a wide range of tech services, including cloud solutions, Microsoft 365 consulting, cybersecurity, business phone solutions, data backups, and managed IT services.

You can count on Network Security Associates to help you deploy and optimize Microsoft Teams. The vendor employs highly-skilled technical staff capable of training your workforce during the communication platform’s implementation phase.

On another level, the IT company makes it easier to comply with various compliance requirements, including HIPAA. It also provides casino and gaming IT services to businesses operating in the industry. Business phone services help maintain the reliability and efficiency of communication equipment.

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