NSA Drastically Cuts Las Vegas Company’s Phone Bill By Hundreds
Saving Thousands Annually

NSA has a proven track record of saving organizations across Las Vegas hundreds or thousands off monthly phone bills. Want to save money in your business? NSA is here to lower your technology costs drastically.

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Tech Insights

NSA Cuts Hundreds From Las Vegas Company’s Phone Bill

End result: Thousands of dollars saved annually!

Network Security Associates helped a client save hundreds of dollars on their phone bill by working directly with the vendor on their behalf. Without our help, they would have had to keep paying extra, which is one example of why Vendor Management services are so important.

Las Vegas businesses are required to work with a long list of vendors. You need Internet, phone, cloud services, IT support, etc.

Managing these third parties isn’t always easy. In addition to their actual duties, the management team at a given business also has to make sure their vendors deliver the services they’re being paid for, billing them correctly, and more.

In short, managing your vendors isn’t easy, even at the best of times. That’s why this client enlisted our help…

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Las Vegas Phone Bill

This Client Was Paying $1400/Month For Their Phones

This client had been overpaying for their phone services for some time. Talking to the vendor about billing options wasn’t easy either. They would get rerouted, given conflicting info, and had had no success in trying to lower their costs.

No matter how many new people they talked to, progress was never made. Timelines were extended, new contacts were brought in, and nothing got done.

That’s when they turned to Network Security Associates for help.

How Did Network Security Associates Help?

When Network Security Associates engages with any new client, our first step is a complete asset collection and review of their current services and bills. As part of this process, we identified what seemed to be a costly phone service.

That’s when Network Security Associates took over the process. We engaged with the representative and, over nearly two dozen phone calls and ten service tickets, determined that the client would be better off switching to different phone services.

What Was The End Result For This Client?

As a result of the process, we saved this client hundreds of dollars on their monthly phone bill, amounting to thousands in reduced expenses every year.

This is just one example of why Vendor Management is so important. No one can be an expert in all things. Having someone available to watch over or discuss your organization’s needs before an order can help avoid issues like this client experienced.

Vendor Management goes beyond just internet services, too—it deals with all your organization’s third-party vendors. Copiers, telephone services, shredding services, cloud services, software applications and licensing, etc., are just a few of the vendors that Network Security Associates could manage for you.

Need Someone To Handle Your Tricky Vendors?

We are all busy today, and technology is changing so quickly, which makes keeping up with the latest and greatest options and knowing what is best for your organization a full-time job is.

If your organization cannot dedicate someone to this role, you should consider working with Network Security Associates instead. We will provide you with vendor management services and be on the lookout for your organization’s best interests.

If you’re unsure how your vendors are treating you, get in touch with the Network Security Associates team. We’re here to help.