Always Get A Second Opinion On Your IT Service Bills

Chances are you are paying too much for IT services in Las Vegas. NSA will ensure that you are not paying more than you need when we are your IT services partner in Las Vegas.

by | Apr 21, 2022 | Tech Insights

When Was The Last Time You Got A Second Opinion On Your IT Bills?

It’s common practice to get a second opinion from time to time, right?

Regardless of how trustworthy a given business vendor may be, it’s simply the wise move to double-check their recommendations and their prices with another reliable source.

Network Security Associates makes it easy to extend this prudent business practice to all IT-related expenses.

That’s precisely what we did for this client in the retail industry…

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Las Vegas IT Services Success

This Client Was Wasting Thousands Of Dollars Every Year On Phone And Telecomm Services

When we partnered with this retail store to manage their IT, one of our first courses of action was to take stock of their IT environment and what they were paying to keep it in operation.

Our team conducted a thorough review of the client’s IT-related bills, and discovered two key areas where they were overpaying:

  • VoIP: The client was paying nearly $400 per month more than they should have based on their number of users and needs as a business.
  • Telecomm: The client was paying for television cable services that they had no need for.

Together, these two budget items accounted for thousands of wasted dollars every year. Once we had identified these opportunities for cost savings, we arranged a solution…

Network Security Associates Help This Client Cut Thousands Out Of Their IT Bills

By switching the client to a different VoIP provider and canceling their cable services, we saved them hundreds of dollars on a monthly basis. In fact, after optimizing their IT expenses, we saved them enough to cover 80% of what they were paying our team to manage their IT.

The saved money could then be reinvested in our expert support, which ensures their IT is properly supported and confidently secure.

Make Sure You’re Getting The Best Rate For Your IT Services

The Network Security Associates team has access to all major and regional vendors in the area, allowing us to provide multiple quotes and solutions for our clients.

Whether you want to reduce your costs, simplify your vendor list or increase reliability/speeds, we can help you do so. Even after the fact, if you need assistance migrating to the new service, we will manage that for you as well.

Want to find out how much you could save on your technology spend? Get in touch with the Network Security Associates team to have your bills analyzed.