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by | Aug 22, 2020 | Tech Insights

Expert IT Consulting In Las Vegas: Network Security Associates

Information technology (IT) is vast, encompassing everything from cloud services to HIPAA compliance. As more companies take advantage of digital solutions, they likewise might begin to realize that their in-house IT team needs some assistance in keeping up with all the new technology and compliance requirements.

You won’t have a problem finding IT consulting In Las Vegas. There are lots of great service providers. However, it’s essential to find a collaborative partner that understands your company’s needs. Network Security Associates can help.

Here are a few things to consider when you’re looking into working with IT consulting in Las Vegas.

IT Consulting in Las Vegas

What Is a Managed Service Provider?

A managed service provider (MSP) collaborates with your company to deliver, integrate, and manage infrastructure, maintenance, and support for cloud services. Additionally, MSPs can manage the entirety of your IT, or work with your current IT department. What’s more, MSPs stay up-to-date on cyber threats, current malicious software, and cybersecurity options. They provide security training measures, monitor network security, and implement cloud services that safeguard users from making critical errors.

Managed IT services in Las Vegas are especially beneficial for small to medium-sized businesses because services are scalable and can grow with your company.

Tiered Cloud Services That Equal Savings for Your Business

With an MSP, your company pays for the level of service it needs instead of having to pay the full salaries of an IT department. Tiered services integrate software, storage, network applications, and security within your business network.

One of the benefits of Hosted Cloud Infrastructure is the ability to store data virtually and access it immediately with an internet connection. Gone are the days when you have to spend capital outlay to store data locally, on-premise. Instead, a hosted service or application runs on your IT service provider’s infrastructure. Your MSP stores all of your company’s software, data centers, networks, applications, and more. The result is that employees, customers, and clients can access the information from anywhere, any time.

MSPs also offer business phone systems that integrate with other cloud services to expand your company’s communications network, with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Mobile Technology Made Landlines Obsolete

VoIP is fast, ultra-reliable, and much more cost-effective than yesterday’s business phone systems, with flexible features that you can add and delete in real-time. Unlike traditional business telephones, VoIP systems offer innovative tools such as conference calling, video chat, messaging, voice to text, integrated email, and more.

VoIP phones connect to the internet via a user account. You can easily switch between simultaneous calls, and cloud business phone systems are user friendly with familiar features such as call hold and caller ID. Additionally, the hardware options include cell phones, landline phones, handsets, and headsets, as well as receivers and speakers. The bottom line is increased flexibility and cost savings with a VoIP.

Specialized IT Consulting in Las Vegas

Today 94 percent of businesses report significant security improvements with cloud solutions.

IT services can offer a variety of security solutions. Network Security Associates works with clients to safeguard their organization from potential security threats by providing Cybersecurity Assessments. We identify areas of vulnerability to improve network security and protect against technical complications, digital theft, data breaches, natural disasters, and other threats to your organization.

Targeting employees is a favorite tactic that cybercriminals use to target businesses. What that means for your organization is that when it comes to security, it’s essential to provide your employees with training. Network Security Associates offers comprehensive security training programs, so your team doesn’t inadvertently put your company at risk.

NSA primarily works with accounting firms, healthcare organizations, and casino / gaming companies.

Work With an MSP That Understands Industry Compliance

All industries must adhere to rules of compliance when it comes to technology. Additionally, the rules are stricter, and the penalties for not following the rules are more severe for some organizations. Whether government-mandated or required by industry, it’s vital that the IT consulting in Las Vegas you work with, stay up-to-date with compliance regulations.

For example, accounting businesses must adhere to federal laws and regulations to ensure compliance. Working with an MSP such as Network Security Associates, that understands how to navigate these complicated rules, ensures the company’s compliance and helps avoid unnecessary penalties and fines.

HIPAA for Healthcare

Similarly, Healthcare organizations must meet The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations, which, among other things, protect patients’ privacy and security. The adoption of new technologies makes health care more affordable, efficient, and accessible while improving the overall quality of care patients receive. HIPPA provides rules that reduce potential security risks in computerized physician order entry (CPOE) systems, electronic health records (EHR), and radiology, pharmacy, and laboratory systems.

Here are some of the HIPPA requirements that specialized IT consulting in Las Vegas can assist with:

  • Security analysis and evaluation
  • Implement security measures
  • Provide documentation
  • Maintain and monitor security solutions

Risk analysis is an ongoing process, in which the organization regularly reviews data, records, and network access.

Casino and Gaming Compliance

The Nevada Gaming Commission along with the Nevada Gaming Control Board requires casino and gaming industry compliance for computing infrastructure. Among other things, the infrastructure holds the organization responsible for maintaining the stable operation of the IT environment, including software, hardware, and applications.

You can imagine why it’s essential to run a secure and stable network in casino and gaming. A data breach would be disastrous, potentially costing millions of dollars.

Is it Time to Hire an IT Consulting Provider?

If you’re searching for IT consulting in Las Vegas, you want to work with professionals who explain the technology and teach you and your team how to take full advantage of all the opportunities. Likewise, you want a service provider who understands industry compliance and offers management, monitoring, and security services. Network Security Associates can help. Contact us to get the IT support you need.