Take Your Information Technology Solutions to the Cloud With Hosted Infrastructure

The cloud is the future.

At an increasing rate, businesses in all industries and around the world are making the smart decision to utilize the cloud.

If your Las Vegas business hasn’t taken the plunge and transitioned your server to the cloud, now’s the perfect time. At Network Security Associates, we’ll help make the transition smooth, efficient, and trouble-free.

What is the cloud

What is the cloud?

Essentially, the cloud refers servers accessed over the Internet, as opposed to servers that are located locally within your business. For example, you can now store your data in the cloud, which you can access with an Internet connection. Prior to the introduction of the cloud, data could only be stored locally or “on-premise.”

What does it mean when something is hosted?

Essentially, a hosted service or application is one that does not run on-premise, but rather on the infrastructure of your IT service provider. To interact with something that is hosted, you will use a web-based interface on the Internet.

What does it mean when something is hosted

What is hosted infrastructure

What is hosted infrastructure?

Your company’s infrastructure includes a vast range of offerings, including your software, data centers, networks, applications, and more. When your infrastructure is hosted, it is stored by your provider, and to access it, you will use the Internet.

What is a hosted cloud solution?

A cloud server is virtual, as opposed to physical. Therefore, if you engage in a hosted cloud solution for your data, for example, your data will be hosted by your provider in a virtual server. You’ll be able to access your data remotely by connecting to the Internet.

Outsource Your Infrastructure to the Cloud With NSA

Your employees, customers, clients, and overall company will benefit many times over from choosing the cloud. Being able to access your data, software, networks, and moreover, the cloud means being able to work from anywhere, any time. Your infrastructure will be safe, secure, and reliably available.

Las Vegas Hosted Cloud Infrastructure Specialists

 Are you ready to take your server to the cloud with Las Vegas hosted infrastructure? NSA helps you transition all of your company’s information technology to the cloud for easier access and improved security.