Secure, Reliable Communications with Microsoft Hosted Exchange Server Support

Nearly all malware is delivered via email, directly to the inboxes of your team. Are you equipped to combat this growing threat to the security of your business?

Email is one of the greatest threats to your business, but are you doing everything possible to ensure your digital communications are secure? Verizon’s latest security report shows that 94% of malware is delivered via email — and that 45% comes in the guise of a simple Microsoft Office document attachment. Email is an entrenched part of business communications, so shifting away from this dangerous medium simply isn’t an option. Scraping these malicious intruders from your systems is something that should happen before the emails breach the defenses of your servers, which is why having a hosted Exchange server is a vital component of your business security strategy.

Benefits of a Hosted Exchange Server for Your Business

Benefits of a Hosted Exchange Server for Your Business

Today’s employees are actively seeking work/life balance, something that has been difficult to achieve with tools that are based on desktop computers and physical offices. Advanced communication tools allow for a more flexible style of communications and work, and a hosted Exchange server offers a range of benefits for these mobile workers.

  • Cloud-based security provisions exceed local options with multi-layered spam, virus and malware filtering before messages reach your inboxes
  • Easily sync information across multiple devices such as laptops, mobile phones and tablets

  • High-availability data centers are fully SSAE-18 compliant with enterprise-level security provisions
  • “Pay as you go” model for cloud-based services is more efficient, saving companies money on unused licenses

Proactive Maintenance and Security Services

Proactive Maintenance and Security Services

Teams rely on near-instant communication to keep projects moving forward, which requires a network infrastructure that is running at peak performance at all times. IT downtime during business hours is unacceptable, which is why you need access to top-notch support professionals that understand how to keep your hosted Exchange server instance operating consistently. The professionals at Network Security Associates (NSA) have extensive experience providing proactive hosted Exchange server support to organizations throughout the Las Vegas area, creating a level of trust with business users and leadership that allows staff to perform their daily tasks without the concern of lost work or IT downtime.

Hosted Exchange Server Support Las Vegas Businesses Can Trust

Compliance is a major concern for many Las Vegas businesses in the gaming industry, financial services, accounting or healthcare verticals. You need to know that your IT managed services provider understands how to handle data and secure infrastructures — and maintain the uptime guarantees that you need to keep your company running efficiently and productively. NSA even holds special certifications in the casino and gaming industry with our service provider gaming license, providing added assurance that your IT services are being managed by a team that has the skills and experience to handle your unique needs.

Keeping your business communications infrastructure secure begins with proactive maintenance and support — and professionals that plan ahead to ward off any issues before they can affect your operations.

As the premier cybersecurity and IT managed services provider in the Las Vegas metro area, Network Security Associates has been providing top-notch customer care and support to highly regulated industries with complex data and security needs since 2003.

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