Boost Security and Compliance with Closely
Managed File Collaboration Technology

Are you confident that your files are being shared appropriately between teams and outside your organization? Digital collaboration can quickly get out of control, becoming a security nightmare.

Securing documents in the age of digital communication has been an uphill battle for many organizations, especially those dealing with strict regulatory requirements in the casino/gaming, healthcare or financial services industries. Quickly sending files for revisions or collaboration between colleagues and clients is an everyday occurrence, but staff members don’t always stop to think about the potential problems that could be caused by providing access to sensitive information via email or other non-secure methods.

Reduce Vulnerabilities and Improve File and Folder Access

Vulnerabilities and Improve File and
Folder Access

Simply giving an external vendor or client access to a folder structure within your network without the proper authorization or standards in place could create vulnerabilities that are difficult to identify — and challenging to hunt down and remediate. It’s vital to the security of your business network to proactively create secure and reliable options for file collaboration and then reinforce those standards with staff members on a regular basis.

Streamline Your Workflow with Reliable File Collaboration Strategies

Streamline Your Workflow with Reliable File Collaboration Strategies

Is your business staff struggling to identify the latest version of a file or constantly checking to ensure that all changes have been incorporated into a final document? File collaboration has been riddled with problems over the years, with everyone from attorneys to operations personnel feeling the pain of inaccurate documents. Creating a document workflow that is more efficient than simply sharing everything via a network drive not only reduces errors — it can also significantly boost the overall security of your organization.

Provide Clients and Vendors With Easy
(And Secure!) Access to Information

If the thought of your staff sending files outside the digital bounds of your business gives you hives, you are certainly not alone! The full Office 365 suite and other collaborative tools provide added layers of security and compliance that are tightly tied to user accounts to help reduce the possibility of misplaced files that land in the wrong hands. Sharing official and approved content with others becomes more straightforward — and less prone to human errors. You can quickly and confidently provide clients and vendors with the information that they need to keep projects moving while reducing concerns associated with oversharing sensitive information.

Keeping your files secure and ensuring that
you are sharing information only with the pertinent parties can be a challenge,
especially with the speed of business today.

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