What Are Cloud Desktops and Will It Help My Company?

It has been a few years since the idea of the “cloud” was first introduced to the world.

by | Feb 25, 2021 | Tech Insights

What Are Cloud Desktops and Will It Help My Company?

It has been a few years since the idea of the “cloud” was first introduced to the world. Back then, it was way too futuristic and people pretty much scoffed at the thought because the idea of having everything online was just too crazy.

Fast forward to today, you are considered to be “left out” if your business is not yet in the cloud. After all, it’s the safer, more flexible, and more affordable option for businesses. A lot of the technologies that we usually enjoy 10-15 years ago can usually be found on the cloud today – including your very own desktop.

Yes. Just imagine having access to your desktop anywhere you go. Stuck in a coffee shop due to a sudden rain? Pull out your phone and you can check the files sent over by your boss as if you were on your own computer. Just about to call it a night but you remember you needed to send an important file to a co-worker from across the globe who is just logging in? All you need to do is to open your laptop, access your cloud desktop and finish everything within 5 minutes.

But what exactly are cloud desktops and how exactly does it help businesses? Let’s try to talk about them in this article and let’s list down the benefits of using cloud desktops.

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What Are Cloud Desktops?

When one person has their own workstation, they personalize it and turn it into an extension of their working selves. Depending on the kind of employee you have, this can be as simple as knowing what folder can be found where to giving specific colors and names to filetypes. If you’ve had the chance to work in an office setting in the past, you’d know how frustrating it is to work on somebody else’s desktop where the shortcuts aren’t the same and links aren’t where they are supposed to be.

This level of personalization and customization is stored in a computer’s hard drive. This means different devices or workstations may have the same applications but they are not truly the same. If you log on to another workstation, don’t expect to see your files there.

Cloud desktop technology is changing all of this.

Instead of saving everything (from the settings, OS, preferences, and files) on your hard drive, it is uploaded and saved to the cloud. This means you can access your desktop on just about any device that can connect to the Internet. You can use your phone, home laptop, and even a rental PC halfway across the world.

What Makes Cloud Desktops Special?

So what if your employees can access their own workstations or desktops anywhere? What difference does that make?

  1. They ensure your employees stay productive.
  2. It’s safe and secure
  3. It empowers remote work.
  4. It’s a financially sound option

Let Your Employees Control Their Space

A lot of people underestimate the power of familiarity and muscle-memory in the work setting. Various studies have shown that employees work better and faster when they can control their space. This not only pertains to their physical space but also their desktops. With their own setup available and ready to be used anywhere, you can expect your employees to be able to work as hard as if they were in the office.

Enterprise Level Security at the Desktop Level

Cloud desktops are also secure. Sure, accessing your files on random devices does not sound like a secure thing but it actually is. Note that when you access your desktop on the cloud, you don’t necessarily store any data on the device you are currently using. Your business will never have to worry about security breaches ever again. Also, a lot of people think that when information is in the cloud it just floats there randomly. Contrary to this belief, all your information is encrypted and stored in secure data centers. There, they are protected by various security protocols and are monitored 24/7. This prevents cybercriminals from just waltzing in and stealing your data. Lastly, in the event that you encounter a data disaster, you can just recover quite easily from your data back up. These backups are updated regularly and they are also tested to ensure they are always viable. What you have are both proactive and reactive security solutions which are much better compared to regular security measures you get from in-house IT teams.

Empowering Remote Work For Everybody

The world of work is changing as we speak. The pandemic has shown us that businesses should be flexible enough to be able to operate without forcing people to report in their cubicles. That is why a lot of organizations are moving towards allowing some workers to work remotely. This ensures that even if the workers stay at home where they are safest, they can still put in hours for the business. Cloud desktops can help empower this shift in paradigm for businesses. With cloud desktops, it will be easier for workers to continue working as if they were still in the office. They will have access to everything they need through any device they have at home.

Affordable and Predictable Spending

Lastly, using cloud desktop technology can help your business financially in more ways than one. First off, using cloud desktops is cheaper than getting top-of-the-line workstations for each of your employees. You also don’t have to spend as much on maintenance and upgrades as all these things are done by your cloud desktop provider. Using cloud desktops can also help you manage your budget all thanks to its per-user subscription model. You are basically given a predictable cost model which will allow you to create a more realistic budget for your business. Just a word of caution though, find a provider who is willing to give you a transparent pricing model so you won’t be hit by unwanted hidden charges.

Success Means Finding the Right IT Partner

The secret to a successful migration to a cloud desktop setup for your business is finding the right IT partner who can assist you. A partner that does not just peddle services but one that offers solutions to your existing and future problems. While the idea of using cloud desktops sounds like a dream, it takes a successful setup and management to ensure it stays that way.

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