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Network Security Associates’ cloud desktop services allow your Las Vegas business the flexibility and mobility of working from anywhere on any device.

Work From Anywhere With Desktop Cloud Computing

The benefits of desktop cloud computing are nearly endless. Whether you operate a dentist’s office, an accounting firm, a casino, or any other business, desktop cloud computing offers you flexibility, mobility, and scalability — all at exceptional prices.

Work From Anywhere With Desktop Cloud Computing
Access to Your Desktop — Anywhere, Anytime

Access to Your Desktop — Anywhere, Anytime

As long as you have an Internet connection, you can get access to your work desktop with desktop cloud computing.

Instead of relying on your office computer to partake in work-related activities, you can now see and interact with your desktop from your tablet, mobile phone, or laptop — anywhere that you can connect to the Internet.

For many businesses, this means being able to offer more remote work for employees. For others, it means improved productivity with less downtime for everyone.

Cloud Computing for a Predictable Expense

Cloud computing, in general, offers a better way to manage and store data — all for a fixed cost that’s scalable, according to your level of service needs. Moreover, because cloud computing is available at a fixed cost, you can predict how much you’ll need to allot for these services, instead of waiting to get the bill.

As your company grows, speak to us about scaling up your cloud computing needs. We’ll help you find the ideal tier of cloud services for your business.

Could Your Las Vegas Business Benefit From Cloud Desktop Services?

Cloud desktop computing offers endless possibilities for your Las Vegas business. From easier collaboration and more flexibility to improved productivity and mobility, once you use cloud desktop, you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life!

Predictable Expense
Scalable to your level of service needs
Scalable to your level of service needs
Flexible productivity & mobility
Flexible productivity & mobility

Speak to NSA about adding cloud desktop services to your IT services!