Cloud Desktop Services For Accounting Firms

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by | Oct 13, 2020 | Tech Insights

Cloud Desktop Services For Accounting Firms

If you are an accounting firm in the Las Vegas area, you know that technology is integral to your company’s success. For you to serve your customers’ needs, you need to know that your data and theirs are safely protected and that your information systems will work reliably when you need them to. But for the level of security, reliability, and resiliency that you need for your accounting business, you don’t want to handle these IT issues yourself. That will cost your business time and money that you can’t afford to lose.

Having good IT procedures has never been more important for IT businesses than in the world of today. That’s because the IRS has begun to hold accounting firms accountable for the security of their data. To meet their standards, you need to make sure that you are protecting the security of your clients’ financial information.

And it’s not just any IT service that you need. You want one of the leading IT companies in Las Vegas with experience across several industries, including accounting, which always puts the client first. That’s the kind of service that we provide. When you work with us, you’ll benefit not only from our years of extensive IT experience but also from our desire to go the extra mile to serve our customers with whatever they need. By choosing us over another IT company, you’ll see firsthand our passion for our business as well as yours.

The service we provide for accounting firms such as yours is the Trinity cloud desktop for accounting firms. That means that we work with you to protect your accounting data in the cloud while ensuring you can access it easily. When you work with us, we’ll make it easy for you to safeguard your data as well as share it.

Cloud Desktop Services For Accounting Firms

Why Accounting Firms Need Cloud Desktops

There are some accounting firms today who feel that they can manage their own IT work. They often don’t realize the amount of work it takes to protect their data properly and manage their information technology. You don’t want to spend time on IT when you could be working on everything else that is central to your business’ success. Instead, what you want are a centralized IT management and IT security solution. Without a company handling all of your IT needs in one place, you’re likely to miss something that could mean life or death for your business.

That may sound dramatic, but it is the reality of doing business today. Your customers’ trust in you is the lifeblood of your business. If your customers can’t be sure that you’ll keep their financial information safe, then they won’t do business with you. A data breach could be the end of your business if you aren’t careful.

Also, as we mentioned before, the IRS is holding accounting firms like yours accountable for their data security. Without a managed IT solution, you can’t be certain that your data is secure enough to pass inspection like this.

Even if your company has IT in-house, you can always use some help from a company with years of experience. We work with established IT departments and provide a full range of managed IT services to companies without in-house IT services.

You may be wondering exactly what services we can provide for your business. To help your business to deal with cybersecurity threats, we offer:

  • Comprehensive cybersecurity assessments that look at your business’s components to see if there are potential weak points in your systems infrastructure. We want to leave nothing up to chance when it comes to the security of your data.
  • Managed IT services for your business to handle its technology. Since cloud desktop accounting is becoming the industry standard, we want to enable you to use the technology that you need for your business to thrive without any difficulties. We not only monitor your network for security breaches but also automate software and firmware and set up wireless networks, allowing your business to run at peak capability.

There are several IT options in Las Vegas for you to choose from. But you need an IT solution that works for you and puts your needs first, which works with your company to give you the tools you need to succeed. You also want to work with an IT company with a proven track record of success and experience in the accounting field. In short, you want to work with one of the top IT firms in Las Vegas. Well, that’s who we are.

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