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by | Sep 20, 2020 | Tech Insights

Cloud Desktop Solutions For Las Vegas Healthcare Organizations

Whether you are a beginner or experienced when it comes to remote work, the cloud desktop is an indispensable tool. Here’s why.

The past few months have been tough on organizations all over the world. COVID-19 restrictions have prompted many organizations to rethink how they get their work done. The result? A massive shift towards technology-enabled solutions that allow employees to work from the safety of their homes.

An excellent example of how organizations are moving away from the conventional ways of doing things is by embracing cloud services such as the cloud desktop. If you are approaching remote work for the first time, it’s probably quite daunting. At least at first glance. But in fact, you are just one of the countless organizations that are also taking their first steps towards efficient remote work.

As a reputable IT services provider in Las Vegas, Network Security Associates (NSA) has helped many organizations successfully integrate cloud desktops into their operations. We are approached almost daily by the representatives of organizations looking for ways to adapt to the “new normal.” However, the cloud desktop could offer a host of benefits to your organization beyond merely adapting, should you choose to take the leap.

But we understand that this may all seem like uncharted territory. Perhaps you are having doubts about whether integrating cloud desktops into your operation is really worth the hassle? And in the current state of the economy, does it make any financial sense?

Of course, these are all great questions. That’s why our technology experts sat down and came up with this article to answer them. It is meant to serve as a guide to what you need to know before making any call. We hope that you will be equipped with the necessary information to make a choice that best meets your health organization’s unique needs by reading this article.

Cloud Desktop Adoption Las Vegas Medical Offices Since 2016

What Is a Cloud Desktop?

A cloud desktop can also be referred to as a virtual desktop, Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), or hosted desktop. The best feature of this new technology is that it works just like your regular desktop making it incredibly user friendly. This means when you power up your preferred device, you are presented with all the applications and files, you need to get your work done.

But there is one big difference. Unlike your typical Microsoft Windows desktop, all the necessary data, operating systems, and settings are delivered via the internet instead of being stored on the computer’s hard disk. However, this is advantageous as it allows an employee to access their cloud desktop from any internet-connected device. This makes it much more convenient to work remotely, provided you have an internet-enabled device on hand.

How Is the Cloud Desktop Different From the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

While they may appear similar at face value, cloud desktops differ sharply from virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). For starters, with VDI, you bear the burden of managing your software, hardware, licensing, and deployment. Consequently, ensuring everything runs smoothly would require you to invest heavily in time and resources. There’s also the risk of performance being hampered by weak connections. It’s also much harder to scale since you need to balance capacity needs against any increase in expenses.

With a cloud desktop for healthcare, your OS, applications, and data are stored in the cloud and managed by a managed IT services provider (MSP). For a pocket-friendly monthly subscription fee, an experienced vendor will ensure everything is working optimally. Outsourcing eliminates pesky running costs, and you don’t have to worry about the cost of hiring in-house VDI experts. Also, cloud desktops allow you to scale either up and down in no time while paying only for what you require.

Cloud Desktops Las Vegas Healthcare

What Are the Key Benefits of Trinity Cloud Desktop For Healthcare?

You Need Very Little Capital

As with most cloud services, you need very little to no capital investment to get off the ground. What’s more, there isn’t any expensive hardware in need of regular maintenance. Instead, cloud desktops provide a predictable cost model since they operate on a subscription model.

Cloud Desktops Are More Secure

Although your data can be accessed from different locations, any device that gets lost stolen can be wiped, making it easy to prevent potential security breaches. Furthermore, your data is safely stored on servers at a secure data center. Also, in case a data disaster happens, you can be assured your data is protected by automatic data backups that are regularly tested and verified.

Cloud Desktops Make Remote Work More Convenient

Employees can access everything they need for work wherever they may be, enabling them to remain productive at all times.

Trinity Cloud Desktop For Healthcare Streamlines Your Operations

Your day-to-day processes will be much easier. Efficiency, as well as collaboration, are enhanced. Also, you don’t have to switch from your trusted applications like Outlook, Microsoft Office, and Sage.

You Can Scale With Ease

Because the cloud is on-demand, flexibility is one of the chief advantages of cloud desktops. It’s straightforward to add new accounts or apps and order more storage as per your needs. It takes only minutes.

It Is Easier to Enforce Compliance

Since everything is centralized using a cloud desktop for healthcare, it is much easier to ensure you remain compliant with regulatory standards such as HIPAA.

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