7 Key Benefits Of Cloud Computing For Las Vegas Organizations

Thinking about cloud computing for your Las Vegas organization? NSA are the local experts in cloud computing. Check out these 7 amazing benefits.

by | Oct 21, 2020 | Tech Insights

Benefits Of Cloud Computing For Las Vegas Organizations

You’re probably reading this article because you looked up information on cloud computing. That doesn’t come as a surprise considering the recent spike in popularity of cloud services within the business world. Find out what the cloud has to offer your business below.

According to multiple surveys, as of 2020, most companies are expected to adopt either cloud-first or cloud-only policies. Why? Many factors drive this change, among them greater collaboration, lower operating costs, greater flexibility, and so on. However, we realize that your business is unique, so you may not be absolutely sure about what a shift to the cloud has to offer your business.

Our team compiled this list of the seven key advantages of cloud infrastructure to help you make an informed decision. But before we dive in, let’s first briefly define what cloud computing is and how your organization can migrate to the cloud.

7 Key Benefits Of Cloud Computing For Las Vegas Organizations

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a broad term used to refer to the delivery of computing services, including storage, servers, internet, networking, software, and so on, via the internet (“the cloud”). The cloud symbol represents the abstraction of a relatively complex infrastructure that facilitates hardware, software, computation, and remote services.

In simple terms, cloud computing is computing over the internet. Traditionally, users had to run programs or applications from software saved on their computer hard drive or a server on the premises. However, with cloud computing, you can now access the same applications via the internet.

Essentially, most cloud computing takes place on a remote machine and not the one in use at the moment. All the data collected in this process is stored and processed by remote cloud servers. This, of course, means there is less strain on the device in use. Also, accessing the cloud is safe and convenient, using credentials from your cloud computing provider.

What Are the Cloud Computing Benefits? Now that you have a rough picture of what the cloud is all about, here are some of the key benefits of adopting a cloud infrastructure:

  1. Cost Efficiency: Shifting to a cloud infrastructure eliminates the need for costly hardware purchases and maintenance. You won’t need to invest in facilities, equipment, utilities, or a large data center even as your organization grows. Because your cloud provider’s staff will handle your cloud data, you won’t need a large internal IT team. Shorter downtimes associated with cloud computing also contribute to lower overall IT spending.
  2. Data Security: However large or small your organization is, and whatever industry you’re in, data security is a significant concern. Cybercrime like data breaches can deal a significant blow to your organization’s income, brand image, and customer loyalty. However, with cloud computing, you can access the latest security features that ensure your data is always safe.
  3. Flexibility: Your IT needs may vary greatly depending on your organization’s size and growth. Whatever the case, the cloud is the perfect solution as it will enable your organization to scale up or down quickly and efficiently according to your current business demands. When your business demands rise, you can conveniently upscale your cloud capacity without investing in expensive hardware.
  4. Mobility: Cloud computing enables remote access to company data via mobile devices like smartphones. This is a great way to keep a remote team connected with everyone, regardless of physical location.
  5. Disaster Recovery: Because data can be backed up at multiple, redundant sites on your cloud provider’s network, data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity are much easier with cloud computing.
  6. Competitive Edge: Although a growing number of businesses embrace cloud computing, most organizations are yet to catch up with this trend. By relieving you of the burden of maintaining your technology, the cloud will free you up to focus on achieving your business goals.
  7. Control: The cloud will allow you to decide the level of access each employee has. Beyond protecting your sensitive business information from falling into the wrong hands, this increased control will also streamline work. That’s because each team member will know which documents are assigned to them.

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