How Las Vegas Organizations Can Boost Survey Efficiency with Microsoft Forms

Want to boost survey efficiency using Microsoft Forms for your business?

by | Apr 6, 2021 | Tech Insights

How Las Vegas Organizations Can Boost Survey Efficiency with Microsoft Forms

Many businesses leverage on understanding the needs of prospective clients for success. It is through this that they get to determine what their next service or product should be. Even more, modern organizations launch products or services after conducting polls to determine client preparedness. But while the conventional ways of holding polls remain immensely costly and inefficient, technology now allows you to conduct polls with unimaginable efficiency. Business owners already using Office 365 will agree that the platform is phenomenal. And fundamentally ideal for boosting efficiency as well as productivity. One of the applications that many Office 365 users overlook is Microsoft Forms. 

Do You Want to Know More About Microsoft Forms?

Microsoft Forms is an application that allows small and medium businesses to create quizzes and surveys seamlessly. Therefore, market researchers can take advantage of this platform to conduct market research through targeted polls.

The application is available to most Microsoft 365 customers. And comes in handy to customize surveys for collecting client data. It stands out as a great tool for obtaining streamlined feedback.

The portal is entirely interactive and allows the recipients of your quizzes to join in and post their thoughts and opinions. Besides, it features inbuilt analytics tools to guide you through the process of evaluating the responses received.

Many businesses, organizations, and institutions now use this tool to tailor surveys and send them to hundreds or thousands of recipients. You, too, can make Microsoft Forms part of your email marketing strategy.

As it stands, more than 3 million users consider constantly use Microsoft Forms to collect customer or employee data. Besides, hundreds of organizations in Las Vegas continue to conduct surveys effortlessly via this platform.

We can, therefore, summarize the functions of Microsoft Forms as follows;

  • Fast and efficient creation and sending of forms
  • Receive feedback in realtime
  • Visualize and analyze the data using inbuilt analytics and automatic charts

What are the Benefits of Using Microsoft Forms?

While there are several other survey portals that you can find useful for data collection, Microsoft Forms is a favorite for most professionals. The benefits of using the platform include;


The most significant reason for Microsoft Forms’ popularity is that it is accessible on all web browsers. Besides, you can conveniently access the portal from a PC or mobile phone. Making the survey tool available anywhere.

The application will allow you to solicit client input, measure customer satisfaction, and organize team events more conveniently. Besides, the fact that the forms are accessible by more than a single user at a time makes it possible to use Microsoft Forms collaboratively.


Interestingly, you can effortlessly customize the platform and own every form that you create. Feel free to add images, themes, and logos. You can also integrate the application with Excel, Sway, Flow, SharePoint, and Teams since it is pretty limitless.

Powerful Administrative Features

Survey platforms or data collection tools are sensitive and require you to moderate all the activities. At the same time, they require the admin to control the recipients of the digital documents.

Microsoft Forms gives IT Adkins control access, user license management, and SOC compliance responsibilities. It also allows administrators to create complex surveys using powerful tools like Likert scales. Interestingly, you can also make use of question branching features.

Businessman using a tablet device in checking his business statistics. Microsoft Forms concept.


Interestingly, you do not need any advanced knowledge to use this portal, thanks to its user-friendly and navigable interface. The instructions that come with the application will make it easy for you and your audience.

Increased Reachability

If you want to collect views from several people using a single form, Microsoft Forms is your ideal application. The platform allows you to collect up to 50,000 survey feedback from a single form. This makes the application an incredible option for educational centers as well as businesses that want to send multiple copies of a single form to collect data.

Compatible with Office 365

Modern businesses and organizations now use Office 365 to enhance productivity, efficiency, and profitability. And since Microsoft Forms is an application within Microsoft 365, you can easily incorporate the collected data into other applications and programs in Office 365.

The collaboration is seamless; hence you will find it pretty straightforward to sort bulk amounts of data and create tasks flawlessly using the collected data.

Getting Started with Microsoft Forms

Since you already know that Microsoft Forms can help you create forms to evaluate your target audience, we find it ideal for helping you understand how to get started with the application. 

The following steps will get you started;

  1. Open a web browser of your choice and type on the search bar. That should take you to the platform’s home page. 
  2. Once there, sign in with your Microsoft Office 365 account. You can also create an Office 365 account if you do not have one.
  3. Click on the My Forms icon once successfully signed in. Go to the New Form icon so that you start working on the form.
  4. On the form, give it a name, and you may decide to provide a subtitle or a little description. The title and the subtitle should not exceed 90 and 1000 characters, respectively. While the description is optional, it is indispensable since it gives your audience an idea of what your form is about. 
  5. A survey is about forms. Thus, the next step is to add a question to the digital document. Since your question can take any form, you can select any of the following before you type your question;

Choice– Ideal for multiple-choice questions. Choosing this will allow you to type your quiz and provide multiple choices for your audience to select. The app will also auto-generate possible answers to your question.

Text– Such questions will give your audience the freedom to type in their answers. The platform provides them with an empty text box.

Rating– These questions come with a custom scale on which the recipients will rate your question.

Date– Answers to this category of questions take a restriction on a date format.

  1. Add as many questions as possible and preview your form. 
  2. Send to your recipients.

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