IT Solutions for the Casino & Gaming Industry

in Las Vegas

The Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC) and Nevada Gaming Control Board’s (GCB) requirements for computing infrastructure used to access and transmit gaming data is very strict. Their specific requirements are intended to secure sensitive information, oversee user activity and limit which individuals have access to this secure information. If the GCB performed an audit on your gaming establishment’s security measures today, would it stand up to the scrutiny?

When searching for casino & gaming industry IT and cloud solutions, it’s important to choose a qualified provider who knows the ins and outs. Network Security Associates is licensed by the NGC, which means we have the necessary gaming license, knowledge and experience to properly support gaming establishments like yours. As a gaming license holder, we can also host your applications and infrastructure in our private cloud environment, enabling you to outsource the costly infrastructure and support of your computing environment.

We will ensure your infrastructure satisfies all of the Minimal
Internal Control Standards (MICS) set forth by the NGC/GCB, including:

  • Methodical system security
  • Rigorous access and event logs/reports
  • Disaster recovery and data resiliency
  • Development, implementation and management of internal and guest networks

To determine if your infrastruct meets GCB requirements, contact us today to schedule your Network Security Assessment.

As a gaming organization, it's essential to comply with the guidelines issued by the NGC. Our IT solutions for the casino & gaming industry in Las Vegas will not only help your company adhere to these strict regulations, but also implement internal practices to safeguard valuable information.