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Your computer network serves as the foundation of all your communication efforts. Critical business applications depend on the veracity, resiliency and reliability of this infrastructure. When this foundation is strong, your business runs smoothly; if it falters, your business will follow suit. The most skilled and experienced computer network security service in Las Vegas, Network Security Associates, Inc., possesses both the technical acumen and vital vision to protect your computer network today and well into the future.

Your medical services are like no other and this is the way it should be. But the processes that organize and streamline the infrastructure are well known to NSA, which is the way you want it to be.

NSA’s medical services cover electronic health records, EMR/billing, HIPAA compliance and medical software.


NSA’s information technology consulting services run the gamut to include: a 24/7 help desk, including weekends and holidays, to answer questions and resolve problems; a 24/7 remote support center to handle remote client requests; a network operations center, which functions as an “early warning system” that detects trouble with applications, firewalls, routers, servers and switches; and emergency on-site response, just in case problems cannot be resolved from a distance.


People define “managed services” in different ways, but NSA views it this way: it’s much better to be proactive about a computer network than to sit back passively and wait for problems to erupt. In this way, NSA is like an internist who advocates that a patient undergo regular physicals and take steps to maintain a healthy lifestyle rather than waiting until he or she is doubled over in pain to seek help.

Some of the managed services NSA provides includes active network monitoring, desktop optimization and patch management.


The cloud is a portal that wirelessly pushes someone’s data to other devices. It allows users to log into a virtual desktop server and run their applications and programs from a virtual desktop – from any location, on any connected device and at any time of day. The cloud is safe, reliable and secure. Whereas ground services are prone to power interruptions and catastrophic data losses, the cloud backs up data automatically and seamlessly.

NSA takes security so seriously that the word is part of our name. We have made massive infrastructure investments to ensure that our cloud services offer unparalleled security.