54-Point Network Inspection

Offered by the Best Network Security Service in Las Vegas

With the average total cost of a global data breach coming in at a whopping $3.86 million, it is essential to take the necessary steps to secure your company's sensitive data before a breach occurs.

Are you concerned your network is vulnerable to external threats? Do you worry your company lacks sufficient backups for its data or software? If so, it is time to call Network Security Associates for a complimentary 54-point network inspection.

This inspection examines multiple aspects of your company to detect both hidden risks and obvious areas of concern. Valued at $1,495, our free inspection can help your company save even more money by preventing future security breaches.

One area our 54-point inspection examines is your business's access control database. We want to make sure the correct individuals have access to your company's confidential internal information. Some of the aspects we examine include:

  • User accounts
  • User devices
  • Security groups
  • Administrative privileges
  • Organizational units
  • Network passwords

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The ultimate goal is to identify accounts or devices that are outdated and should no longer have access to confidential information.
  • Company passwords
  • Account lockout procedures
  • Filtering procedures for company devices
  • Inactivity of company devices during the work day
  • Operating system
  • Password guidelines
  • Equipment that comprises the workstations
  • Antivirus programs
  • Active firewalls

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Moreover, your company's servers are an imperative component of your organization's data network. We will check to ensure all of your servers are secure and efficient by examining these items:

  • Age of your servers
  • Rules regarding failed log-in attempts
  • Allocation of information technology resources

Every area of your business's information technology infrastructure requires examination for optimal security, including:

  • Internal internet access
  • Printer permissions
  • Network sharing procedures
  • Software inventory
  • Company adherence to regulations regarding the use of email
  • Backup procedures

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