Are You Unhappy with Your Current IT Company in Las Vegas?

Switching To a New IT Company in Las Vegas

A lot of what you’re paying for with an IT company is intangible – a proactive approach to minimize issues, a data backup plan that keeps your operations recoverable, and other factors that, if left undone, could result in HUGE disruption.

Many businesses are unhappy with their current IT company but stick to the status quo because they think it’s the “norm” to be frustrated with tech support. They don’t realize that there ARE IT companies that don’t:

  • Send their calls to a third-party, overseas company that doesn’t even know them.
  • Take hours, or worse, days to answer when a MAJOR issue is happening.
  • Fail to communicate about important topics like cybersecurity or backup verification.
  • Charge a hefty amount for remote or onsite support when you’re already paying a lot.

When we talk to business owners who aren’t happy, they often say one of the biggest problems is communication. After all, a lot of what you’re paying for with an IT company is intangible – a proactive approach to minimize issues, a data backup plan that keeps your operations recoverable, and other factors that, if left undone, could result in huge disruption.

If your IT company doesn’t communicate on a regular basis with you, you’re left wondering whether or not they’re actually doing what you’re paying for. And unfortunately, if they’re not communicating it with you, you can bet they’re probably not doing those things. This could lead to some very important tasks not being done:

  • The latest patches not being applied on time.
  • The backups not being verified and tested on a regular basis.
  • The server not being maintained in a long time.

And what happens when these important tasks aren’t done? You could end up the victim of a sophisticated cyber-attack or experience a server failure that costs you TONS. Imagine being down for days – how much would that cost you? More than likely, it would cost you quite a bit in lost productivity, customer trust, and potential legal liability in terms of failing to meet deadlines or service level agreements.

The point is… You can’t AFFORD to be unhappy with your IT company.

It’s so important to do something about it if you’re unhappy with your IT company. Otherwise, you’re at risk for being underserviced, and eventually, dealing with the consequences of shoddy tech support.

How do you switch IT companies without a painful transition?

Once you’ve made the decision to switch IT companies, you might be worried about a painful transition. Thankfully, it doesn’t always have to be stressful and time-consuming. Network Security Associates simplifies the process as we start with a full briefing for your leadership team. This involves explaining what the transition will look like and offering support for any questions or concerns. Here’s what happens next:

  1. We install a transition agent on all computers to perform scans, network probes, and gather other information we need.
  2. We work behind the scenes, and if needed, replace hardware that is owned by your previous IT company – minimizing downtime throughout the process.
  3. We work with your previous partner and companies to gather any passwords and other information our transition agent didn’t gather for us.

Your old IT company will be blocked from accessing your network going forward. Plus, we’ll use a firewall on your network to prevent unauthorized access from anyone. Naturally, we’ve seen some hostile IT companies during transitions, but it’s typically a fairly straightforward process where the previous IT company is willing to work with us. And if it’s not, we’ll handle everything and notify them so you don’t have to.

How long does the process of switching IT companies take?

Fortunately, we’ll provide you with a complete roadmap of the process. It typically takes about two weeks where we collect all of the information we need to fully switch over, but if there’s anything that delays the process, you’ll be well-aware ahead of time so you know exactly what to expect. We’re all about transparency, and you guessed it, communication – because we know that’s what businesses need from their technology partner.

Unhappy with your current IT company? Let’s talk about changing the status quo and transitioning to new Las Vegas IT support. Call (702) 547-9800 or email us at to get started. Network Security Associates is the preferred IT company in Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

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