3 Signs Your Company Needs Help from a Managed IT Services Company

If you run a small or medium-sized business, you may feel like an internal IT professional can meet all your organization’s needs for managed IT services. While an internal employee can assist with many needed tasks, there are benefits of outsourcing your network security management.

Signs It May Be Time to Hire a Managed IT Services Provider

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1. You’re Putting All of Your IT Eggs in One Basket
When you have a single employee tending to all your business’s IT needs, you’re putting all of your eggs in one basket. Even the most reliable employees miss work occasionally. 

If your internal IT person is out for more than a few days, this can put your organization at risk. You’ll either need to put off IT tasks until they return, or you’ll have to cross train other employees to handle their work. Either option leaves your company in a lurch or potentially spreads your other employees too thin.

Working with an external IT provider ensures you always have someone available to attend to your time-sensitive needs. At Network Security Associates, we offer a guaranteed 24-hour emergency response time. You let us know what you consider an emergency, and we’ll make sure you get the rapid help your company needs.

2. Your Company Has New Projects on Its Horizon
Your organization may have plans to integrate new processes or apps that require the attention of your internal IT employee. Some projects may benefit from management from an internal employee who has an inside perspective regarding your organization. However, your employees only have so much time in their days; this makes it vital to utilize their talents in a manner that offers maximum benefits for your company.

Outsourcing some of your basic or “boring” IT tasks gives your IT employee the availability to develop new processes or assist with projects that are vital to the success of your organization. 

3. Your Current IT Employee Lacks Certifications
If your current IT person has been with your company a while or previously worked in another position, they may not have some or all the certifications typically required to work in an IT position. While these certifications aren’t always indicative of a great IT hire, they do mean the employee has acquired specialized knowledge that helps them better deal with certain situations or provide top notch managed IT services when working with sensitive data. 

Should your current employee balk at working to obtain these certifications, you can outsource some of your IT work to a company that requires its employees to have and keep these certifications up to date, like Network Security Associates. To learn more about the various managed IT services we offer, including cloud services, contact us now at 702-547-9800 to schedule your free consultation.