How the April 2019 Windows 10 Update Will Bolster Computer & Network Security

In April of 2019, Microsoft will issue an update for Windows 10. There isn’t a specific release date for the update, and it’s expected Microsoft will issue it gradually. If April comes and goes and you haven’t received a message encouraging you to update Windows 10, be patient; hiccups during the roll-out process can delay the expected timeline. Though this update doesn’t significantly change how Windows 10 operates, it offers some cool features for users and improves the computer and network security of your device.

What You Can Expect From the April 2019 Windows 10 Update

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Improved Aesthetics

You will notice a change in the appearance of your desktop screen after installing the update. This Windows 10 update will enhance the aesthetics of the light theme, allowing for better contrast between the Start Menu, Action Center and Taskbar. A few icons will also receive makeovers, so they better coordinate with the light theme’s new colors. 

Your Start Menu will also have a different appearance when you open it. Once you click on it, it will have fewer pre-installed applications. You’ll also have the option to remove more pre-installed programs you don’t find useful. The end result is a sleek column of programs that minimizes virtual clutter and shows applications that satisfy your computing needs.

A Safe Spot to Try Questionable Programs

One of the most exciting changes with the Windows 10 upgrade is the addition of the Windows sandbox. The Windows sandbox makes it possible to isolate a program in order to test it without putting your entire computer at risk, boosting your computer and network security. If the program winds up being unsafe, its effects are limited to the Windows sandbox. Just close the sandbox to remove the program permanently from your desktop. 

Changes to the Overall Windows Update Process

After this Windows 10 update, you’ll have the option to snooze your updates for up to 7 days. This gives you more time to ensure the update won’t cause data loss or interfere with your computer’s existing programs. Additionally, approximately 7 GB of space will automatically be set aside on your device for future Windows updates. This will guarantee your device always has ample diskspace to install critical updates.

Better Ease-of-Use for Cortana

Microsoft’s update will make it easier for users to utilize Cortana, the company’s virtual assistant. The update separates the Cortana icon from the Search taskbar. This will make it more convenient for users to search using a specific option. Enhancements from the update will also make it possible to search for a specific type of file, like a Word document or a picture. 

Increase Your Computer & Network Security

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